Ark Fishing Rods


Fishing is one of the most beloved activities in Ark, offering both thrill and reward as you search for sustenance for yourself or your survivor or dinosaur. Plus, fishing allows you to find rare items that may be used for crafting or sold later!

The ESS73MHFC all-round rod features a light action that transfers vibrations throughout its retrieve. Ideal for squarebill and spinnerbait fishing, this all-purpose rod keeps fish hooked!

Catalyzer Series

The Catalyzer Series provides professional-grade fishing at one of the most reasonable prices, making it an ideal starting rod for new anglers looking to pursue big-dream fishing or weekend fun with family and friends. Crafted using 36-ton high modulus carbon fiber blanks, Ark custom reel seats, and stainless steel guides with split grip EVA foam grips for better balance, this rod stands out among the lightest and most sensitive rods within its price range.

Invoker Pro Series

Ark’s Invoker series draws upon its longstanding legacy to deliver unmatched performance at one of the most competitive prices on the market. Leveraging Ark’s high-pressure carbon-fiber blank rolling technology, these un-sanded blanks boast a natural, unstained appearance while being super light, strong, and sensitive. Constructed using 40T HM carbon fiber reinforced with carbon nanotube layering technology for enhanced strength, Invokers feature features usually reserved for rods costing twice as much.

The Invoker was explicitly designed to the specifications of Elite Series pro Randall Tharp, who has fished it since January without breaking one! Tharp is known as an aggressive fish eater who will slash through cover with minimal regard for rod angle, so if it can withstand its abuse, it should serve most bass anglers well. There are 11 casting models to choose from–ranging from 6-foot, 10-inch medium power up to 7-foot 11-inch extra heavy power rods–so this rod should meet everyone’s needs!

The Invoker rod series offers exceptional balance. With its light feel in your hand, even when throwing large crankbaits, these rods make fishing enjoyable! Their regular taper 7’4″ model is great for spinnerbaits, blade baits, and small to medium crankbaits up to 1.5oz, while their medium-heavy version excels when fishing chatterbaits or crankbaits up to 1.5oz. Each Invoker series rod includes custom reel seats with high-density EVA grips, ultra-thin Zirconium inserts, and burnt logos embedded into the cork at both ends of their butt ends.

Lancer Pro Series

The Lancer Pro Series was created to offer quality and dependability at an unbeatable price point, using premium Japanese Toray 40T high modulus carbon fiber combined with Ark Rod’s MDML technology. This unique construction creates a lighter, more robust, sensitive rod that excels across applications. The 7-foot medium heavy action Lancer works great with square bills, spinnerbaits, Texas rigs up to 1 1/2 oz, vibration sensing bass baits (with a powerful yet sensitive feel for even small beats), fish over heavy cover/vegetation or vegetation; additionally, it features custom EVA grips to maximize comfort and control – perfect when fishing over rich cover/vegetation!

I have used this model successfully for jig/worm work in brush and reeds, efficiently handling up to 3lb largemouth bass. Furthermore, it allows me to flip and pitch smaller plastic trailers and jigs effectively under similar covers.