Black Island – A Review and a Look at Germany


Black Island is an excellent film with some perfect characters and many exciting locations. It is also set in Germany, giving it a unique feel. We have a review of the movie here and a look at some of the places featured in the film.

Film review

Black Island is a 2021 mystery thriller film directed by Miguel Alexandre. The movie starring Mercedes Muller and Hanns Zischler, is set in Germany. It is a tale about a high school student named Jonas, who moves with his grandfather to a remote island. There he meets a mysterious new teacher named Helena.

This German mystery thriller is a dark and eerie tale. Unfortunately, while it does a great job presenting a mystery, it fails to deliver on all fronts.

One of the movie’s most intriguing aspects is its scenery. Director Miguel Alexandre shot the film in scenic Amrum, Germany. A ferry arrives at the island, and a young woman (Lisa Carline Hofer) gets on board.

Another standout aspect of the movie is its characters. The cast includes Mercedes Muller, Hanns Zischler, Alice Dwyer, and Philip Croissant.


Black Island is a volcanic island home to many pyroclastic cones and lava domes. Although it lacks a proper beach, it does have a small patch of salt marsh on the northern shore. In addition, tSpruce-fir forests and a hay-scented fern meadow surround the island.

Black Island is located in the Ross Archipelago, just west of White Island. It is named after Thomas Vere Hodgson, who served on the Discovery Expedition. You’ll find an excellent granite ledge at the south end of the island.

The geology of Black Island is quite fascinating. In addition to its volcanoes, it has three distinct eruptive sequences. For example, the ‘trachyte’ moraine is a late Holocene. There are also several large basalt cones. These basalts have been dated using potassium-argon dating. Some have ages ranging from 1.69 to 3.8 million years.

Set in Germany

Germany is full of historical monuments, medievalesque villages, long winding rivers, and gorgeous scenery. It also offers an extensive selection of food, drink, and party venues.

The best seller The Book Thief is one of the most popular books set in Germany. A young boy grows up in a small village in northern Germany. He begins an affair with a woman who likes to read. However, he is soon enlisted into the German army during World War I.

Another book on the list is The Tin Drum by Paul Grass. Set in the former city of Danzig, this novel was inspired by the unreliable narrator Oskar Matzerath.

In this novel, the author depicts a wealthy merchant family that faces bankruptcy. As the family struggles, it is revealed that authority figures are abusing their children.


The characters of Black Island are not all that they seem. This film is filled with intriguing scenarios. However, it lacks an original mystery. It is also confusing for much of the film.

Jonas Hansen (Phillip Froissant) lives with his grandfather, Friedrich (Hans Zischler), on a small island off the North Sea. Jonas wants to become a writer. However, his grandpa is overbearing and insists that he isn’t talented.

When a strange woman arrives on the island, Jonas develops a relationship with her. Helena, however, is not what he thinks she is. She has a dark secret. With her, she causes several bizarre deaths.

Throughout the film, Jonas is trying to move forward after the death of his parents. However, he is unsure if he should trust Helena, as she holds a secret.

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