Bright Beginnings Early Learning Center LLC


Bright Beginnings Early Learning Center LLC provides childcare to families living in Maple Grove. Their teachers assist children in reaching milestones through play-based educational activities that foster social skills development in a safe and nurturing environment.

Jackie Tian, a teacher at Bright Beginnings centers, found the program invaluable in developing her ability to listen and interact effectively with toddlers – which is critical in building trust between parent and toddler.


Bright Beginnings provides a research-based and child psychology-centric curriculum, emphasizing individual care, healthy relationships, and family-centric learning programs essential to children’s development. Their programs utilize various curriculums explicitly tailored to each child’s learning style.

This school, located in Bayside and capable of accommodating 44 children, is licensed to offer preschool and child care and accepts vouchers from the Coalition for Hispanic Family Services.

Bright Beginnings is a parenting program developed by Martha Edwards, Ph., for expectant mothers and parents of infants and toddlers, designed by a series of discussions between parents and activities for group participation intended to promote mental health in their child(ren). It comprises four components: Prenatal Group, Parent-Child Group, Home Visiting, and Video Review.

Bright Beginnings curriculum draws heavily from High/Scope and Creative Curriculum models, emphasizing literacy skills. It includes concept maps, literacy lessons, early childhood center activities, home activities, and music and movement to support children’s cognitive, social, emotional, and physical development; studies have demonstrated how it improves balance coordination, listening skills development, and cultural awareness.


Our teachers are passionate professionals with a deep dedication to working with children. Each is fingerprinted and subjected to regular background checks before participating in continuing education courses that expand upon child development research and standards. Together with their director, they create an inviting, stimulating, and nourishing environment where kids have the best chance for growth and success.

Susan Hamilton holds a bachelor of elementary education and Connecticut head teacher certification. Since 1991, Susan has been part of Bright Beginnings programs, contributing with calmness, professionalism, creativity, and flexibility in all programs. When not teaching, she enjoys reading, painting, and crafts – plus spending time with family.

Bright Beginnings Early Learning Center Inc. is a child care center in Bronx, NY, with a capacity for 57 children. This provider does not participate in subsidized childcare programs, and SchoolDigger data is collected from sources including the National Center for Education Statistics, the US Department of Education, and local public schools – ratings reflect overall school quality, student achievement, and academic growth.


Bright Beginnings Early Learning Center was established by two experienced childcare professionals who dream of providing families with a nurturing and collaborative childcare center that offered competitively priced care focused on relationships, mental health, and personalized education from a child psychologist. They desired to provide families with a nurturing, collaborative childcare center that fostered personal connections.

Children have numerous opportunities to express their creative side through art, music, movement, and other hands-on explorations. Additionally, interaction and communication skills development is encouraged using tools such as dramatic play areas, block areas, outdoor play spaces, and table activities shared between other teachers and children.

The State of New York has inspected this daycare center. To view their report in whole or for additional details about this daycare facility, contact them directly through their website. ChildcareCenter provides inspection reports as a service to parents; it should not replace local childcare licensing.


Bright Beginnings began as a small child daycare home and has expanded into a top-of-the-line school-age child daycare center and preschool. Their classrooms are like little rooms of their own with murals, toys, and resources to help children learn while having fun; the playground is large with shade trees for play; the food served is delicious: water, milk, and healthy snacks like veggie straws, edamame or seaweed instead of sugary drinks like fruit punch or sweetened juice drinks are offered instead; staff is attentive and detail oriented when planning lesson plans for children’s lessons plans!