Castelli Pro Fit Light Rain Jacket Review


The Castelli Pro Fit Light Rain Jacket is a purpose-made rain jacket with complete waterproofness and windproofness for ultimate protection against unfavorable riding conditions.

The Pro Fit Light Jacket is an excellent choice for those seeking a waterproof jacket that is also comfortable for long rides. The Torrent Stretch 2-layer fabric in the body makes for a very light, compact-feeling jacket with plenty of features to protect you during your rides.

Torrent Stretch Fabric

Designed for aerodynamic performance, the Pro Fit Light Rain Jacket has a smooth face to make you look good while cutting through rain efficiently. The waterproof Torrent Stretch fabric is a 3-layer woven composite with an impressive 2-layer DWR laminate that does a great job at retaining your body heat while warding off the elements.

Some severe oomph augments the Torrent in the form of 37.5 Technology’s woven Cocona particles, which are the stuff that makes this top-of-the-range garment as breathable as it is water resistant. The little spies are in for a treat, too, with a long drop tail and articulated sleeves that tick all the boxes.

The best part is that the Torrent is also lightweight and packable. It might not be as aesthetically pleasing as the Gore-Tex Idro jacket, but the Pro Fit Light is an impressive piece of kit and is well worth the premium you’ll have to pay.


It’s a simple thing, but when you wear a rain jacket on the bike, you really want one that will keep you dry. And a good waterproof has to be lightweight, packable, and aerodynamic.

Castelli’s Pro Fit Light Rain Jacket is made with Torrent Stretch fabric to keep you dry while minimizing bulk and weight. It also includes a handy pocket where you can stash or change your smartphone.

The design of the jacket is also very streamlined. It cuts through wind and rain efficiently, helping to minimize your energy spent battling a flappy jacket.

It’s a very aero jacket, and the Torrent Stretch fabrics on the arms mean you can move freely while still staying comfortable. The fit is also close fitting, which may feel constrictive initially but works well to prevent water ingress around your neck and cuffs. The long drop tail keeps the worst rain off your back and the three rear pockets help store nutrition when needed.


The Castelli Pro Fit Light Rain Jacket is an excellent example of a cycling rain jacket that keeps you dry and breathes well. It uses a three-layer mid-weight GORE-TEX material that is more durable and lightweight than many race-orientated competitors.

It also packs down to a svelte-sized package, so you don’t have to worry about it weighing you down during your next ride. And the aforementioned 3-layer material is paired with the latest and greatest in waterproofness.

The best part is that the jacket is straightforward to pack away into your jersey pocket or saddle bag, so it’s a must-have for any cyclist who rides their bike on their back. The Pro Fit Light Rain Jacket is an excellent choice for any cycling fanatic who wants to ride in the rain without feeling the pinch while still looking stylish on the outside! The best part is it’s an excellent price too.


The Castelli Pro Fit Light Rain Jacket is a fantastic choice for cyclists looking to protect themselves from the worst weather conditions. Using Castelli’s Torrent Stretch fabric, the jacket has been designed to be aerodynamic, minimizing flapping for optimal performance.

The Torrent Stretch fabric also offers significant protection from water and is breathable too, ensuring you don’t feel too hot or uncomfortable in the rain. The jacket is also lightweight, making it easy to pack away and stash in your jersey pocket when not needed.

The jacket has a snug fit for maximum aerodynamics, which makes it ideal for racers or hard training sessions where saving energy is paramount. It also features three rear ramp pockets and a Gabba-style tail to protect from rain and road spray.

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