Choosing the Best Starter Pokemon


Choosing the best starter pokemon is a very important decision to make, and if you want to have the best chance of winning the first battle, then you need to get to know your pokemon. Luckily, there are many starter pokemon to choose from, and you can find one that will fit your playstyle.


During the first stage of the Victory Road, Quaxly will face a tough matchup against Grass-types. However, Quaxly’s water evolution gets a Fighting subtype and is super effective against Fire and Ground-types. Quaxly’s Torrent ability is a great way to dish out damage to low HP Pokemon.

Quality has the highest physical attack of all three starters. He also has the highest speed stat of all starters.

Quality is a great starter Pokemon because it is balanced. It is not super powerful or super strong, but its looks and ability to sweep the floor make it very competitive. He can also be a great utility Pokemon. He can do damage to Fire, Fighting, Ground, and Ice-types. He can also take down the first Titan Pokemon, Klaw.


Choosing the best starter Pokemon is often an important decision. There are many options to choose from, but it depends on the type of Pokemon you prefer. For a fun and relaxing Pokemon experience, Fuecoco is a good choice.

Fuoco is a Fire-type starter Pokemon with high HP, good stats, and the ability to spit fire. He’s also got a cool-looking exterior, a buck’s tooth, and big eyes. Its Calavera design makes it look like it’s a cross between a crocodile and a chili pepper.


Despite being a popular starter, Chikorita is not one of the strongest Pokemon. It is not very good against predatory pokemon, and it does not do well against steel and dragon-type Pokemon. It also struggles against ice-type Pokemon.

Chikorita’s evolutions are very strong, especially Meganium. This evolution has a blood-boiling four-star shot in New Pokemon Snap. It is also very well-balanced. It does not have a very large movepool, but it can deliver as a support Pokemon. It also has great typing. It is weak to ice, electric, and bug attacks, but it is very good against grass and ground types.


Choosing the best starter Pokemon can be a hard choice. Cyndaquil is one of the best Fire-Type Pokemon in the game. It can be a great choice in the early stages of the game but can struggle in the endgame.

The Cyndaquil line has a lot to offer. The first two forms are capable of resisting 6 different types. The final form is capable of resisting seven types, which is pretty impressive.

Cyndaquil is also a decent gym competitor. This is thanks to its Flamethrower. This move deals consistent damage for the most part of the game. It also has a high base special attack stat, but a very low defense stat.


Among the many starter Pokemon available in the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet series, Meowscarada is probably the best. It is a Grass/Dark hybrid, has a strong attack and speed stat, and has a move set to deal serious damage. The most obvious strength of this Pokemon is its speed. Meowscarada’s base speed is 123.

It also gains Protean, which allows Meowscarada to change its typing based on its attacks. It is a powerful ability, but its use has been nerfed to one-time use. Fortunately, trainers who use an Ability Patch will continue to see the full effects of the ability.


Originally known as Owl 3 and then Owl 4, Decidueye is an avian Pokemon. It has an owl-like silhouette, an orange mask-like marking around its eyes, and feathers that are dotted with white spots. The tips of the feathers are also shaped like a finger, with a few upside-down reddish-orange triangles.

Decidueye’s main strength is its ability to fire quills from its wing feathers. This can result in a piercing attack that doesn’t miss a tenth of a second.


Whether you’re looking to play a competitive or casual Pokemon game, Squirtle is one of the best starter Pokemon to get your feet wet with. It has a variety of useful moves that can be used to improve your team.

Squirtle is also the best starter Pokemon for speed-running games. It has a number of moves that are effective against gym leaders. It can also save your trainers.

It has the most efficient water-type attacks. It also has a number of useful status moves.


Despite the fact that Blastoise is one of the best starter Pokemon, it hasn’t had many uses in competitive play. However, Blastoise is a solid defensive pivot and can carry a game if the right moveset is used. Blastoise’s weaknesses are the Grass-type and the Fire type, but Blastoise has a few tools that can help it defend against those types.

Blastoise isn’t the best bulky Water-type. It’s not as bulky as Slowbro or Milotic, and it doesn’t have the same utility role. It’s also not the best offensive Pokemon. It doesn’t have Shell Smash, and it doesn’t have a high-energy fast move.