How to Clean Windows Outside


If your outdoor windows need cleaning, learning to keep them sparkling is a must – especially on sunny days!

Though it can seem intimidating, with a little effort, you’ll have your exterior panes sparkling and ready for summer in no time!

Use a garden hose

To keep windows clean outdoors, the ideal method is to use a garden hose. You have several options for choosing which hose best meets your needs and budget; whatever works best for you!

The material used to manufacture a garden hose is vital in how long it lasts and how easily it kinks. Lighter hoses made from cheaper materials tend to be more prone to kinking and degrading over time, while heavier ones have higher-quality components that require more care and attention.

When selecting a hose for cleaning, opt for an adjustable nozzle to get a wide spray of water to clean, or use it like a pistol-like jet to tackle tough dirt and stains. Furthermore, consider the coupling on the hose, which connects it to a fixture or outdoor faucet.

Couplings are typically constructed out of brass, aluminum, or a combination of these materials to be less likely to catch on things or break when dropped – an especially important consideration if you have children or pets around. When purchasing an affordable hose or a top-of-the-line model, look for one with at least 350 psi burst pressure.

Start with a squeegee.

Cleaning your windows is an effortless way to add a touch of aesthetic appeal to your home. But before you get started, be sure you have all the necessary tools on hand.

Squeegeeing windows with a good squeegee is essential for making them streak-free. Opt for one with sharp rubber blades to minimize this task.

In addition to a squeegee, you’ll need a good cleaning solution and a window washer sleeve (made of microfiber). Both will trap dirt and grime as you clean, providing a smoother surface for your squeegee to glide.

Telescopically extendable squeegees are also handy to have on hand. These tools come in various lengths; some are long enough to reach even second-floor windows safely from the ground level.

Don’t forget the screens.

Window screens often get overlooked during spring cleaning, yet they play an essential role in keeping your home sanitary and healthy. Window screens remove dust and pollen that could otherwise lead to health issues.

Dirty windows also block out the sun’s rays, making it harder to maintain a comfortable temperature in winter and summer. Not only that, but they may have an effect on your energy bill too!

Maintaining your window screens’ cleanliness is easy with soap and water. Simply mix hot water with liquid dishwashing detergent, then soak the screens for around 10 minutes.

Don’t forget the frame.

Cleaning outside windows can be challenging, as many different dirt and stains may accumulate on the glass. Dirt may include fingerprints, watermarks, and grease – all of which may be difficult to eliminate.

The good news is that your windows can look new again with the right products and a few simple tricks. The key to success is cleaning the frames before working on the glass.

Once the frame is clean, spray it with cleaner and wipe it down using a dry cloth or a microfiber towel (preferably lint-free). Microfiber towels spread the solution more effectively than paper towels which may leave behind lint.

Before cleaning the glass, remove all dust and grime from its frames, sills, screens, and cobwebs. Doing this can help prevent streaks from forming and provide a more thorough clean.


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