NCC Full Form


UingUnderstanding the National Cadet Corps (NCC) helps to know more about the organization. Among other things, it focuses on social justice and self-awareness. It also emphasizes the importance of hard work and perseverance. Those who join the NCC are expected to integrate these values into their lives.

National Cadet Corps

The National Cadet Corps (NCC) is a national youth organization that trains youth for military careers. There are different levels of the corps, ranging from junior to senior. NCC units are made up of platoons and companies. Each company consists of a minimum of 52 cadets and a maximum of 160. Senior division (SDC) and junior wing (JW) cadets are assigned to a particular company.

While serving in the NCC, cadets learn about discipline and self-reliance. They also learn about the importance of respecting others and the environment. They also learn about the importance of community service and how important it is to help those in need. These activities include blood donations, volunteer work, and adult education.

The NCC was first established in Germany in 1666. The cadets were the second line of defense during the 1965 Indo-Pakistan war and the 1971 Bangladesh-Pakistan war. Today, the NCC is a national force that brings together youth from all walks of life. Its emblem features the three letters NCC surrounded by a lotus garland. The uniforms worn by the cadets are different, depending on their service. For example, army cadets wear khaki uniforms, while air force cadets wear light blue-grey uniforms.

NCC cadets

NCC cadets are students in the NCC. In the National Cadet Corps, cadets serve in battalions made up of coys and platoons. Each BN carries 640 to 1120 cadets. Boys in the senior division are divided into 52 coys, and girls in the junior division are divided into two or more coys. Each coy has 100 cadets, and each BN has one or more troops.

NCC cadets are required to follow a strict code of conduct. This code of conduct can profoundly impact a cadet’s personality and career choices. It fosters self-assurance, social responsibility, and teamwork. The motto of the NCC is “Unity and Discipline,” and cadets take an oath of discipline when they join. During wartime, NCC cadets can be called up to serve in the military.

NCC cadets are trained in various skills and how to deal with emergencies and unforeseen circumstances. They also learn to handle weapons and conduct day and night operations. In addition to this, they take part in adventurous expeditions and trekking. These include expeditions to the nearby mountains. During these trips, they participate in obstacle courses.

NCC cadets eligibility

The eligibility for the NCC cadets scholarship depends on the cadet’s performance in the 10+2 examination or equivalent. In addition, to quality, the cadet must have secured at least 45% marks in each paper and 50% overall marks. The scholarship is available to both girls and boys. Moreover, the cadet should have completed two years of NCC training and have an 80% attendance. In addition to the scholarship, the cadet will also be awarded a 10% bonus on the marks.

The candidate must be a senior secondary student or in the first year of graduation. They must have secured at least a ‘B’ grade in the first two or three years. The student must also have attained at least a minimum mark of 50% in the first three years of college. Candidates must have a height of at least 157.5 cm. Female applicants should be at least half a meter tall.

The NCC is divided into two divisions: the junior division and the senior division. Each division consists of several sub-units called NCC companies. These companies are made up of cadets from the same college or university. Some institutions also permit open vacancies in their NCC sub-units.

NCC cadets salary

As an NCC cadet, you will be paid Rs. 8,400 monthly and the daily allowance. Moreover, you will also receive an outfit maintenance allowance of Rs. 150 per month for the maintenance of your uniform. In addition, you can also apply for NCC scholarships to further your education. The scholarships are offered to both Boys and Girls cadets in India.

To become an NCC cadet, you must be a citizen of India and be physically and medically fit. You can also work in the Indian military after graduating from NCC. Besides, you can apply for a Government NCC cadet position. However, there will hatherecur some expenses before joining the NCC program, such as buying a uniform, shoes, and a belt. Also, some schools and colleges charge a fee for the annual training camp and parade.

Cadets are also responsible for crowd management and rescue operations in natural disasters. In addition, NCC cadets have served as a second line of defense in the 1965 and 1971 wars. However, the refreshment charge after parades has decreased. Cadets have been begging State governments to increase this fee.