The Best Jewellery Shops in Colorado Springs


Are you searching for the perfect gift to show someone how much you care or simply expressing yourself through custom jewelry? With so many possibilities, the possibilities are endless!

Custom jewelry is not only a romantic way to show affection for someone special but also an ideal choice for celebrating anniversaries, birthdays, and friendship anniversaries.

Lane Mitchell Jewelers

Lane Mitchell Jewelers is a locally owned and operated diamond design studio and a full-service jeweler specializing in custom-designed jewelry to suit your style. Additionally, they are one of the premier places to buy or sell diamond rings.

They offer an impressive selection of rings, necklaces, bracelets, watches, and other jewelry adornments to suit everyone’s taste. Check out their online catalog to see if you can find what you’re searching for, or visit their shop in person and speak to a natural person about your needs.

Colorado Gold & Silver

Colorado Springs boasts an abundance of high-quality coin shops and jewelry stores. Finding one that meets your needs can take effort, but researching will give you the best choice possible.

In Colorado, sales of precious metal coins and bullion are exempt from state and local taxation. However, numismatic pieces like paper money, tokens, checks, and wampum do not fall under this exemption.

Colorado has long been a haven for gold and silver investors. Not only do these commodities hold their value well, but they’re also easy to acquire and offer an unrisked way to store wealth.

Moretti Jewelers

Moretti Jewelers is a family-run business specializing in Natural Colored Stones, Moissanite, and Diamond jewelry. Additionally, they provide jewelry appraisal services.

The best jewelry stores provide personalized service and can meet your needs, whether making a one-time purchase or build a relationship that will last a lifetime. Colorado Springs, Colorado, boasts plenty of choices when selecting your perfect jeweler – though selecting one may take some time, it will be worth the effort in the end.

Jack Miller Jewelry Designers

Jack Miller, a long-standing jeweler in Colorado Springs, offers an array of options to delight your special someone. They specialize in custom design, vintage pieces, and repair services.

Jack has extensive knowledge in the diamond industry and can assist you in selecting the ideal stone, whether it’s a solitaire or cluster. He travels to some of the premier gemstones shows worldwide to get you what you need at an unbeatable price. Most importantly, Jack ensures it will be something you feel proud to wear daily.

Nikki Nation Jewelry

Are you in the market for a new ring? Nikki Nation may be worth checking out. Their team of talented designers creates one-of-a-kind designs and is dedicated to excellent customer service. You won’t have to spend all your 401k on an engagement session here either, plus there’s no need to leave town to visit them!

Brilliant Earth

Brilliant Earth is the leading ethical jeweler, offering conflict-free diamonds and stunning engagement rings. Established in 2005 by CEO Beth Gerstein, these products make an excellent choice for anyone seeking ethical jewelry purchases.

The company’s Denver showroom provides an elegant setting to explore exquisite collections of engagement and wedding rings, fine jewelry, and estate pieces. Additionally, they are renowned for their dedication to sustainable design and materials.

Thollot Diamonds

Thollot Diamonds is a family-run fine jewellery shop specializing in diamonds and custom pieces. They also provide diamond buying and repair services to keep your jewelry in excellent condition. Plus, this summer, they’re hosting the Trade In or Trade Up Gold event, where they’ll pay you cash for any old diamonds or gold jewelry you may have.

Whether searching for an eye-catching engagement ring to say “I love you” or a stunning necklace commemorating your life, Thollot Jewelers can help tell your tale.



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