Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 5 Review


Having been a loyal user of the Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 4 and 5 before, I was eager to see what this new model had to offer. Fortunately, I was not disappointed.


Compared to its predecessor, the Mi Smart Band 5 has a higher screen resolution and an optical heart rate sensor. The optical heart rate sensor of the Mi Smart Band 5 is 50% more accurate than the heart rate sensor of the Mi Band 4.

The optical heart rate sensor is accurate in the low exertion range, but not as accurate as the heart rate sensor on the Galaxy Watch 3. The Mi Band 5 also has an improved gyroscope sensor and accelerometer. The accelerometer is used to detect body motion.

The optical heart rate sensor responds very quickly to changes in exertion. When you’re briskly walking, the Mi Band 5 will report after half a kilometer. This is an improvement over the Wahoo Kickr HR chest strap.

Battery life

Depending on the number of features and activities that you use, the battery life of the new Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 5 can last for days. However, the Mi Band 5 is not the longest lasting fitness tracker out there.

While the battery life of the new Xiaomi Mi Smart band 5 is not as long as the Mi Band 4, it’s still longer than most rivals. It can last for 10 to 12 days, or two weeks, between charges. This is thanks to a bigger 125 mAh battery, which is a 60 percent increase over the Mi Band 4.

The Mi Smart band 5 also has a nifty feature: it can track your sleep, including REM sleep, with a 40% improvement in accuracy. This is thanks to a new REM calculation and deep sleep technology.

Water resistance

Whether you’re into sports or just want a way to track your health, the Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 5 is a great choice. It’s a waterproof, exercise-tracking device that can keep track of your fitness levels, calories burned, and heart rate. You can also choose from 11 different sports modes. You can also track your sleep, menstrual cycle, and more.

In addition to water resistance, the Mi Smart Band 5 features a high-precision six-axis sensor. It’s also equipped with PPG biosensors, which help detect and record your heart rate. The band’s battery can last up to 14 days on a single charge.

The Mi Smart Band 5 also includes a host of other features, including a dynamic watch face display, smart message notifications, and notifications from the phone. The screen can be adjusted to a range of brightness, and it’s protected by a 2.5D scratch-resistant tempered glass.

Display options

Unlike the previous generation tracker, the Mi Band 5 offers a number of customization options. It also provides more space for displaying information. The screen is 1.1 inches in diameter and has a resolution of 126 x 294 pixels. The display brightness is 450 nits in direct sunlight. It is also equipped with a 2.5D tempered glass panel.

The battery is 125 mAh. This battery offers several weeks of use on a single charge. The band is also compatible with Google Fit. The app can be downloaded to a smartphone and paired with the band. The app allows users to send workouts to the band. The band also supports music playback.

The Mi Band 5 has 11 sports modes. It also features a heart rate monitor. The display has a small font. You can also adjust the brightness of the screen. The battery level is also displayed on the band.


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