Final Fantasy XIV Community Finder


The FF14 Community Finder allows players to easily search FCs by server, play style, size, and Grand Company. Furthermore, this feature enables players to discover potential communities to join.

Square Enix recently unveiled that players can now add any potential communities they encounter via the Lodestone website to their watchlist, in addition to using this platform for recording Free Companies and Cross-World Linkshells.

Free Company

There’s plenty to do in Final Fantasy XIV and many ways for players to socialize. Players have plenty of ways to connect, from taking on dungeons together to decorating houses. One popular method is joining a Free Company (FC), the equivalent of guilds in Final Fantasy 14. Joining one will provide numerous advantages!

Start a Free Company: Steps for Creation When starting a Free Company in Ul’dah, Limsa Lominsa, or Gridania, the first step should be acquiring a company petition from one of the OIC administrators and filling it out, and submitting it with three signatures from other player characters on that server who must all have attained level 60 and the signatory story is up to three (with at least three different classes as signatories).

Once a company is founded, members can communicate through Company Chat and Company Board. Additionally, its leader can grant themselves permission to invite more players through the Member List – this can be accomplished by targeting players and clicking “Invite,” giving that player permission to ask more. They can do this from their friend list, party roster, linkshell membership roster, or search window.

Once a player joins an FC, they can chat with its members through its company chat using /free company or /FC and see an overview of members using the Company Board interface. Furthermore, companies may host events like raids and daily roulette, role-play sessions, etc.

However, unlike Grand Companies run by NPCs, FCs are entirely player-run; therefore, their activities and content depend entirely on their members. Some FCs focus on raids or PvP; others may enjoy relaxing while hanging around in the game world. Though every FC may differ significantly, most have similar features such as a shared company chest, access to Private Room estate for purchasing their own space, and linkshell for communicating exclusively within a company.

Cross-World Linkshell

Linkshells are real-time chat groups that allow players with similar interests to connect online and share thoughts in real time. Linkshells resemble Free Companies and Fellowships in that players may speak to people across different worlds, making Linkshells an excellent way of meeting new friends from all corners of the globe!

Linkshells in Final Fantasy XIV have some restrictions. First, only one can be active at a time – however, this can easily be changed with text commands. Second, only people from worlds that use the same Data Center can join your Linkshell, similar to Free Companies and Fellowships but with more excellent socialization opportunities.

Cross-world Linkshells can only support up to 128 members, significantly fewer than the 512 free companies can accommodate due to technical reasons associated with communicating between data centers. Unfortunately, this limits how many people can simultaneously join a chat group.

To create a Linkshell, players should visit any one of the Linkshell Distributor NPCs located in Ul’dah, Gridania, or Limsa Lominsa and visit an available Linkshell Distributor NPC there to select their name and crest before recruiting begins.

Linkshell Distribution NPCs will also be able to promote members from member to leader and then master. Masters possess maximum control, with access to invite/accept members, promote or demote leaders/members as needed, kick a player out, disband an entire Linkshell altogether, and more – while leaders still possess considerable authority despite fewer controls.

Linkshells will also have access to communicate with CWLS and LS in other Data Centers once the Data Center Travel system debuts in 6.0. When that occurs, your home Data Center CWLS/LS will become inoperable, while any found at your destination Data Center will still work correctly.


If workplace violence or threatening behavior is an issue for your company, creating a watchlist might help monitor every visitor. This feature runs each visitor through it to identify anyone who may pose a threat; you can use it to identify employee risk, ensure compliance with company policies, improve employee health monitoring systems, and more. However, beware that using such measures on too many visitors poses real threats to the organization.

Your user preferences page allows you to easily create and manage your watchlist by following a link, which provides multiple options such as periods for which it should apply – these can be modified at any time, and your watchlist can even be cleared entirely away at any time.

The default setting for the Watchlist is one week (14 days). You can easily alter this value using the link at the top of the page, choosing from various display styles (grid or form layout), showing or hiding non-minor edits on each line, and choosing which namespace changes should be displayed. In addition, checking or unchecking “Simple Watchlist” will limit it only to changes occurring within that namespace.

Add or remove pages from your watchlist easily by clicking on any links at the top of each page, altering their order, and setting a maximum change limit on Watchlists.

Your Watchlist allows you to set custom messages that appear when someone makes changes, providing your team with important communication about specific issues. Furthermore, alerts for particular watchlists – such as guests arriving or security risks – allow you to prioritize alerts and deliver them directly into SIEM or ITSM systems so they reach the team quickly, allowing swift action to address security concerns and rapidly prevent data breaches or threats.

Community Finder

The FF14 Community Finder is an invaluable tool that makes meeting other players in-game easier than ever. By simply creating and sharing a link within-game, they will automatically become part of your Community when someone clicks it. You can choose how long this link remains active and who can access it. Furthermore, Leader and Moderator roles may be assigned within your Community as needed.

Free companies are groups of players who come together in one world to play together. While these groups lack banks or the means to purchase estates, they can provide sure buffs, such as an XP boost or shared company actions for members. Not everyone is welcome in free companies; members must meet the requirements set by each one before joining.

One method for finding free companies is using community websites like r/FFXIVrecruitment or the official forums, while another approach would be using FF14’s Community Finder in-game tool that lets users search by data center or world location – this will help ensure you find one that best matches your preferences and needs.

Community Finder was initially known as Real Estate Scorecard and is a portal connecting prospective homebuyers to communities that match their lifestyle and interests. Specializing in master-planned communities for retirement or second homes and second home communities with information provided directly by residents and authentic reviews posted from real homeowners, this platform brings homebuyers together with communities they would love to live in.

After rebranding, the company unveiled a refreshed website with a brand-new interface and an increased number of communities. Additionally, their community finder is now more accessible for users to navigate with filters to filter by numerous criteria and an enhanced ranking system for communities.

Community Watchlist allows players to watch communities of interest and stay informed when something new or different happens, such as blog posts, official information, or topic posts. This provides an ideal way to keep up with conversations in each community.