How to Find a Way Through the Barricade in Hogwarts Legacy


Hogwarts Legacy allows players to navigate around barricades by employing skeleton piles. When three banks have been located, bring them using Accio directly to the puzzle door for use as part of an attack on it.

Feldcroft Catacomb can be found at the southwestern edge of the map. Entering this room, fight spiders until they have been defeated to collect Student Journal Entry and Relic’s Note from a table nearby.

1. Cast Wingardium Leviosa

Hogwarts Legacy players should learn Wingardium Leviosa as one of their essential spells; it allows players to suspend opponents or objects in midair for battle, puzzle solving, or simply as a means to avoid wasting precious spell slots when faced with challenging puzzles or fights. Best of all, Wingardium Leviosa doesn’t require an equipped wand – saving valuable spell slots when dealing with brutal battles or battles!

Once players have learned the fundamentals of Wingardium Leviosa, they can effectively employ it in finding ways around the Hogwarts Legacy barricade. There are various methods by which one may bypass it – one method being using Wingardium Leviosa to move bones around; once located, they may use Wingardium Leviosa to transport it directly over to the barricade where once placed will form an archway over it and eventually lead into Hogwarts Legacy itself! It only takes seconds!

Finding pieces of disassembled statues is another effective strategy for getting past a barricade, and Wingardium Leviosa makes picking these up easy. Once collected, players can use Wingardium Leviosa to transport it over to the barricade where it will “set” and open their path ahead.

Once players have found a way through this gate, they will gain entry to the Feldcroft Catacombs. Here, they must follow Sebastian Sallow through tombs, searching for Dark Relics until they reach an imprisoning barricade that does not respond to spells (including Bombarda).

2. Move the Bones

Hogwarts Legacy’s side quest In the Shadow of Time challenges players with accompanying Sebastian Sallow through Feldcroft Catacomb in search of a Dark Relic. As you journey deeper, you will eventually encounter an intractable barrier that won’t respond to spells, yet there’s still a way past this obstacle, and continue your journey.

Before using Wingardium Leviosa (or Accio if preferred), gather up all of the bones scattered across the room using Wingardium Leviosa and move them over to a pile in front of the barricade. When this has been accomplished, skeletons will form an arch over the doorway, allowing you to progress further in your journey through this room.

Once your arch is formed over the doorway, move on to the following skeleton bone pile found in the tomb’s south part. Drag this pile over to a spine skeleton spine, wait a few seconds, and attach all of them – this will result in an escape staircase forming beneath your bones!

Combine both bone piles by placing them in the middle of the room; however, for best results, position one in front of the other to form a bridge that allows easy passage across it. Regardless of your approach, remember that bones will only create an arch in one direction at a time – using Accio spells can help ensure their proper alignment. Now you have everything in place; you can proceed past the barricade and explore the Catacomb! Have fun on your adventure, and don’t forget our guides for help with the game – click our “Guides” tab at the top of this page for assistance, or subscribe to our YouTube channel for further tips and strategies on the game!

3. Pull the Handles

Hogwarts Legacy players must accompany Sebastian Sallow through Feldcroft Catacomb on his search for a Dark Relic. Along the way, you’ll encounter spiders and many barricade puzzles that won’t respond to spells, even Bombarda. If you find yourself stuck, this guide will show how to navigate it successfully.

Once that’s accomplished, head towards the breakable door at the end of the path to open one way leading directly to a bone barricade – one on the other side – but before doing that, collect a student journal entry within this room first!

As part of your process, levitating and moving any piles of bones resting in the antechamber to bone totems near the barricade is also necessary. Once all three sets of bones have been attached to totems, they should form an arch that opens up the barrier – you could try releasing bones near totems at different heights to see which works best.

Once you’ve transferred the piles of bones to the totems, you can head into the barricade and defeat any spiders present. As soon as you do this, a table containing journal entries and the relic will become accessible, allowing you to advance with In the Shadow of Time quest.

Hogwarts Legacy’s In the Shadow of Time quest takes you through an unnerving catacomb searching for an ancient relic for Anne. There are spiders and puzzles galore, but what may prove most difficult are two main barricade puzzles that must be solved to pass. This guide will explain how to solve them successfully while helping you decide whether Sebastian or Ominis is on your side when concluding the journey.

4. Release the Bones

Hogwarts Legacy presents players with many obstacles that may hinder their path, from broken doors that you can demolish with spells to more challenging challenges like barricades that prevent movement through specific locations – but we have an easy solution for you!

Feldcroft Catacombs is where you’ll first come face-to-face with Sebastian’s demand that you locate an artifact to save his sister Anne. Once inside the antechamber, look for bones near a tomb with handles. Use Revelio to reveal symbols on handles before pulling each handle in sequence until displaying all characters found there (Don’t forget the second symbol that looks like Tetris pieces!).

Once all the handles have been pulled, move your pile of bones around until it forms an arch that covers the gap and covers it completely. Crawl across and continue your quest!

Once you’ve cleared away the first bone barricade, be prepared to solve another in precisely the same manner. When done, your quest in In the Shadow of Time can continue uninterrupted!

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