Learn With Google Online Courses


If you’re interested in learning a new skill, you can enroll in one of Google’s online courses. The courses are available on several topics, from Data analytics to Project Management. There are also classes for E-Commerce and Digital Marketing. Upon completion, students can earn money from online platforms. This can be a great way to advance your career.

The free digital marketing course

If you want to learn about digital marketing, Google offers a free course. It’s accredited by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) and is a great way to learn the basics and become more knowledgeable. The course offers practical exercises and real-world examples to help you understand the intricacies of digital marketing. It also helps you measure the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns. And it’s all presented in bite-size video tutorials.

Most free digital marketing courses online are self-paced, which means you can complete the course at your own pace. The time it takes to complete a course varies, from a few hours to several months. Because digital marketing courses are self-paced, most students choose to schedule lessons according to their busy schedules.

Android app development course

With the advent of Android smartphones, learning how to develop Android apps is becoming more critical than ever. With the Android platform, developers can create apps that can be used on various devices, from smartphones to tablets. By learning to develop an Android app, you’ll learn to build cool apps for today’s smartphones and tablets and prepare yourself for exciting opportunities that will arise with Android’s evolution. During the course, you’ll build an Android cloud-connected app, develop your understanding of modern programming languages, including Java, Kotlin, and Android Jetpack, and overcome mobile development challenges.

Android offers many exciting features, including support for messaging services like SMS and MMS, web browsing, and connectivity via GSM and CDMA. It also supports media files, SQLite database storage, and Wi-Fi. As a result, there are many different categories of apps for Android users to choose from. Thousands of these apps are available in the Android marketplace.

Data analytics course

The Google data analytics course teaches students how to use Google’s cloud to analyze data. It helps users become data-driven and gain real-time insights to improve decision-making and accelerate innovation. It also introduces users to Google Cloud’s data processing capabilities, including big data and machine learning. The course is ideal for students with some data analysis experience or those interested in the field.

The course teaches students the skills necessary to pursue an entry-level role as a data analyst. Data analysts are responsible for transforming raw data into actionable intelligence and enabling businesses to make better decisions. As organizations continue to grow, this skill is in high demand. The course will prepare students for this growing career by teaching them the tools, techniques, and best practices to become data analysts.

Professional workspace administrator course

A professional workspace administrator certificate from Google can help you get a job in the tech industry. You can complete a certificate course with Google for free. The content of the course is easy to understand and will help you gain practical experience. Moreover, it can be completed in a short period.

The course is designed to give you the fundamentals of Google Workspace. It will cover everything from setting up your Google Workspace account to limiting user access and managing security settings. You will also learn how to use the Admin Console and establish best practices within your organization. In addition, the course will teach you the basics of organizational structures, application security, and Single Sign On.

The course is 100% online. It will take you around two months to complete the entire course. It includes several learning paths and an exam. You can even earn a certificate once you complete each lesson.

User-experience design course

Google offers a certificate in User-experience design that will help you land entry-level jobs. The course is taught by Google’s UX designers and includes hands-on projects. It is hosted on Coursera, the leading online learning platform. It teaches the basics of UX design, including how to create high-fidelity mockups using Figma.