Microsoft Training – Free Or Low-Cost?


Microsoft Training provides hands-on learning through interactive courses, role-based training curriculums, and Microsoft Certifications. These certifications validate a person’s technical knowledge. Participating companies and organizations offer these training courses. Microsoft’s training services include Microsoft Learn, Microsoft Certifications, and Microsoft Training Days. In addition, a person can get free or low-cost training online or attend live events for exam preparation.

Free online Microsoft training

There are several free Microsoft training courses online. These courses cover the basics of Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Access, and more. You can choose the type of class you want and choose a date and time that works for you. Some courses are shorter and require only half-day work, while others provide in-depth training. Some courses also teach you how to use hybrid work environments, allowing you to work on the go.

Reed Courses is a great place to start if you’re looking for free Microsoft courses. Reed Courses has various online courses you can take, and you can study them wholly online or in a physical classroom. In addition, some of the Microsoft courses offered through Reed Courses are distance learning courses, while others are in-company courses.

Another great resource is the Microsoft Training Center. This site provides free training materials on everything from the traditional MS Office packages to OneDrive and SharePoint. It is a good resource for both individuals and organizations.

Cost of Microsoft certifications

The cost of Microsoft certifications can vary widely depending on the level of certification, the number of exams required, and the study materials used. Some certifications can cost several hundred dollars. To cut costs, look for discounts or free resources, if possible. Microsoft offers discounts on some of its products and services. Some of its courses are also free.

Some exams cost less than $100. For example, Fundamentals level exams cost around USD 99 each. Some certifications are more advanced and require two to three exams. For those with less than two years of experience, the price of the Fundamentals level exams is only USD 99. The Associate and Expert level exams cost is higher, as you must pass two to three exams.

For the most part, Microsoft certifications are valid for one or two years. But sometimes, you may want to extend your certification to cover the latest cloud technologies and features. This way, you can demonstrate that you are up-to-date with the latest Technology. You can also renew your certification for free within six months after it expires.

Requirements to earn a Microsoft certification.

Earning a Microsoft certification involves a series of steps, depending on your chosen pathway. First, you’ll need to select the certification you want, determine the skills you need to succeed, attend training courses and take a certification exam. Some pathways take only a few weeks to complete, while others require years of experience and various certifications. Some of these steps are more complex and may require more time than you anticipated.

To get started, you’ll need to understand the basic concepts of Microsoft technologies. You’ll also need to know about the different roles and certifications you can get. For example, you can become a database administrator, software developer, or data scientist. And if you’re interested in working on cloud applications, you’ll need to know how to apply the services of Microsoft’s cloud platform, Azure.

Once you’ve completed all three prerequisites, you’ll be prepared to apply your knowledge in real-world situations. Microsoft’s certification program is continuously updated and expanded, and you’ll be able to prove your skills and knowledge in the workplace. There are three different skill levels, including Technology Associate (MTA), Solutions Associate (MCSA), and Solutions Expert (MCSE/MCSD). Once you’re prepared, you’ll be ready to take the exams.

Availability of Microsoft certifications

There are several different certifications from Microsoft. Some of these are current, while others are not. These certifications are an excellent way to demonstrate your expertise and understanding of a particular technology. For example, a certification in SQL Server will help you prove your knowledge of SQL Server. Others may be useful for job candidates because they demonstrate that you know one of Microsoft’s most widely used technologies.

Microsoft certifications validate your skills in implementing business solutions using its software. The Microsoft platform includes productivity and core business software, which are crucial for today’s businesses. Obtaining one of these certifications will help you accelerate your IT career. Microsoft constantly updates and expands its certification program. It offers three key skill levels: Technology Associate (MTA), Solutions Associate (MCSA), and Solutions Expert (MCSE/MCSD).

Whether you are a developer or a business owner, a Microsoft certification will help you prove your skills. Professionals with a Microsoft certification earn 20% more than those without one. According to a Microsoft study, it also boosts your chances of employment in the IT industry.