Mila Restaurant Menu


When it comes to eating out, a menu is important. The Mila’s Restaurant in Elizabeth offers a variety of choices in terms of price and ingredients. To find out what you can expect to see on Mila’s menu, read this article. This will help you choose the best meal to suit your tastes and budget.

Menu for Mila’s Restaurant & Cafe in Elizabeth

If you’re looking for a tasty meal from a great Honduran restaurant in Elizabeth, New Jersey, you’ll want to try Mila’s Restaurant & Cafe. This restaurant specializes in Latin American food and offers daily specials. They also offer coffee and a selection of baked goods and desserts. The restaurant’s colonial-style décor and murals add to the charm of this homey eatery. Mila’s also serves golosinas, a traditional street food from Honduras.

Mila’s International Restaurant & Cafe is an enjoyable dining experience with delicious food and pleasant service. Its reviews are positive, with a 4.7-star average rating from Google users. The restaurant also accepts credit and Debit cards and is located at 201 Erie St., Elizabeth, NJ 07206.


The ingredients on MILA restaurant’s menu are diverse and eclectic. Its signature burger is made with a house-made “smashburger” patty and has nice crusty edges. The cheese is Earth Island slices that have a nice melt and are a nice alternative to standard American cheese. The buns and bread are also house-made. The restaurant also brings in pasta.

The bar program features world-class award-winning mixologists. The menu includes classic cocktails and innovative concoctions. The drink program features house-made sodas, infusions, and Asian ingredients. Cocktails are also served in classic glassware. Infusions on the menu include beeswax and basil syrup. The restaurant also uses edible gold foil to add a shimmery effect to its creations.

The interior of MILA is unlike anything else in the area. The design of the space took three years to come to fruition. The interior designer Olya Volkova, along with Gays, was instrumental in making the restaurant as distinct as possible. The two mastered the challenge of blending the Japanese and Mediterranean cultures while incorporating noble materials into the design.


Price of Mila Restaurant Menu: There are two levels of pricing for Mila’s menu: regular and premium. Regular prices range from $8 to $19 per person, while premium prices range from $10 to $50 per person. Mila is a great option for special date nights or for those who want to go out to dinner on a budget.

Mila offers a nice outdoor terrace, good food and drinks, and excellent value. However, its wine list is a bit obscene. There are several hundred different wines on the menu, and a decent martini will set you back $24. You’ll have to order one of their signature dishes as your main course, and then order two sharing plates from the Starters, Eggs, and Robata sections.