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Nicole J is an entrepreneur who is on a mission to make other women feel beautiful, confident, and comfortable in their skin. With her mission, Nicole hopes to inspire women to follow their dreams. She has started a website that features articles about fashion and women’s health to help them feel better about themselves.

Nicole J’s mission is to help other women feel good about themselves

Nicole J Georges has been writing comic memoirs since she was a teen. Her zines have been published in two anthologies. Her graphic memoir, “Calling Dr. Laura,” about discovering her father’s existence, was named one of the best comics of 2013 by USA Today. She also serves on the Advisory Board for Veritas Prep High School and is a member of the Western Mass Peace and Justice Coalition.

As a student at Alabama A&M University, Nicole Carter volunteered in the community and began to take public service roles with local government and established non-profit organizations. She has held different positions in her career, including Executive Director of a nonprofit organization that helps minority women find jobs. She understands the needs of minority women and is committed to helping them find success in life.

Nicole’s mission is to help other women feel good about themselves

Nicole’s mission is to help other women find their inner confidence, and she has a host of goals to help her achieve this. Besides working with her golf team, Nicole has other ambitions as a Comet. She plans to become a campus role model and help other women make connections. She also wants to learn more about herself.

She’s involved in many causes, including peace and education. She’s currently the president of the Young Women Leaders for Peace program in Beni, North Kivu province, DRC. The program, part of the Global Network of Women Peacebuilders, trains young women in peacebuilding and leadership skills. It also provides confidence and skills to start their micro businesses.