John Lennon New York Shirt


John Lennon was an iconic rock and roll figure known to almost everyone around the globe. Initially, he made his mark as part of one of the greatest bands ever before going on to release several critically acclaimed solo projects.

On August 29th, 1974, photographer Bob Gruen captured this now iconic picture of John leaning against a rooftop while wearing an NYC T-shirt that his wife, Yoko Ono, had given him as a present.


John Lennon was both an iconic musician and a champion for peace. First emerged as part of The Beatles, but also became successful on his own as an accomplished solo songwriter who created some of the best rock and roll records ever made by anyone.

After parting ways with The Beatles, Lennon relocated to New York City with his wife, Yoko Ono, in order to start fresh as a musician and escape his image as one of its iconic members. Together, they would produce what many consider some of the finest records ever put onto vinyl – songs by these two individuals are some of my personal favorites!

Bob Gruen decided that Lennon looked particularly striking wearing the shirt gifted by a friend during the photo shoot for his album “Walls and Bridges,” so he offered to print it onto a T-shirt as part of an iconic image used on posters and other merchandise. This iconic image became used repeatedly.

This shirt makes the perfect souvenir or gift for anyone who adores New York City or John Lennon. Crafted of soft ring-spun cotton, it comes in either white or natural off-white hues and features the iconic skyline and building where Lennon resided – ideal as part of any trip to NYC, friends or family members who adore Lennon, or any lover of iconic cities in general! High quality and built to last, it is perfect as an addition to any wardrobe or even Halloween costumes!


Made famous by John Lennon himself, this classic cotton ringer-style t-shirt is an icon. It features either white or natural off-white fabric with black ringer stripes on its sleeves and an image of Brooklyn Bridge and Dakota Apartments printed onto it – making this shirt an excellent gift idea for friends and family who live or are visiting NYC.

John Lennon was one of the most excellent musicians of all time and an icon who was revered for both his musical talent and activism/peace efforts. First made waves as part of The Beatles – one of the most beloved bands ever formed – before continuing his solo projects and going on to have many solo projects of his own. Tragically he was murdered in New York City by Mark David Chapman in December 1980; yet millions still remember his legacy for both its musical genius and dedication to peace.


John Lennon was one of the world’s most excellent musicians and peacemakers, first as part of one of the greatest bands ever, The Beatles, and later with solo projects and album sales that remain strong today. His untimely death shocked millions around the globe and resulted in millions holding memorial services in his honor.

In 1974, rock photographer Bob Gruen took photographs of Lennon for the cover of his new album “Walls and Bridges.” Gruen noticed that Lennon wore a T-shirt that said “NEW YORK CITY,” so they suggested wearing it during their photo session together, and that is how an iconic image was formed.

This shirt is crafted from high-grade, soft-ring spun cotton for ultimate comfort and is available in multiple sizes. With its classic black ringer neck and sleeves for an eye-catching appearance, this casual yet timeless tee makes an excellent choice for any casual outing or special event. Additionally, its array of colors match perfectly to your unique personality!

This shirt, with its intricate “New York City” embroidered patchwork and alternate color sleeve stripes, is a must-have for any New York City fan! Wear it with jeans or shorts for any look – it matches every style perfectly! Direct-to-garment printing technology absorbs ink into textile fibers directly, producing vibrant and long-lasting prints that outshone traditional screen printing methods.


No fan of rock can fail to recognize John Lennon as a true music legend. Rising to prominence as one of the Beatles and later creating numerous solo projects post-band separation. Additionally renowned for his activism and peace efforts, he tragically passed away unexpectedly, yet his legacy lives on today; those who love his music, as well as his activism, should definitely consider purchasing this shirt!

John Lennon famously wore this shirt in a 1974 photograph taken on a rooftop in NYC by Bob Gruen and given to him by someone who saw the picture and wanted to help promote it.

Made from 100% cotton, this classic ringer-style shirt from 100% Cotton is a beautiful addition to your wardrobe. It features an embroidered “New York” patchwork design with alternate colored sleeve stripes and high-quality screen printing – available in white, black, or gray as the ideal souvenir of New York City and available online or at our shop (shipping costs will be calculated upon checkout) plus it makes the perfect present for family and friends!