Oros Endeavor Jacket Review


If you are looking for an outerwear jacket that will keep you warm in cold conditions, consider the Oros Endeavor Jacket. Its Aerogel material makes it very comfortable to wear and keeps your core temperature at a comfortable level. However, the jacket lacks features that serious adventurers need to enjoy their outdoor pursuits. The weight is too much and the zippers are not that good, so the versatility of this jacket is limited. Still, it is made of good materials and is attractive to the eye.

Aerogel material

While the Aerogel material in the Oros Endeavor Jacket provides excellent heat retention, it’s not the only thing that stands out. Oros offers an alternative in the form of a quarter-zip pullover. This breathable pullover is versatile enough to be used around the house or on the trail.

It’s worth noting that Oros’s founders had no prior knowledge of the material until he applied for a scholarship from the Astronaut Scholarship Foundation. The Astronaut Scholarship program, created by the Mercury 7 astronauts, introduced them to NASA’s Aerogel technology. The space program used the material to insulate spacecraft in temperatures up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. They were excited about its potential. After a trip to space, Oros cofounder Rithvik Vienna became “obsessed” with aerogel.

The Oros Endeavor Jacket features SolarCore aerogel material, which is thin and light but provides superior insulation. Compared to conventional goose down or thermal-filled jackets, the Oros Endeavor Jacket’s aerogel material is equivalent to 40MM of goose down. This type of insulation provides exceptional warmth and comfort without sacrificing weight, making it the perfect option for winter sports.

Comfortable hoodie

If you’re looking for a durable and comfortable hoodie that can handle harsh conditions, the Oros Endeavor Jacket might be just what you’re looking for. This jacket features a NASA-developed Aerogel technology that keeps you warm and dry in cold environments. This jacket also features a stretchy, waterproof design.

This hoodie is made of a stretch knit and comes in two colorways – carbon and pine. The jacket features a zipped chest pocket and hip pockets with a phone pocket and a zippered pouch for sunglasses. Its full coverage and waterproof design make it a versatile choice for travel and commuting.

If you enjoy active pursuits but don’t live in sub-zero temperatures, the Endeavor Jacket is a great option. The weather-proof shell and breathable material provide great warmth without compromising mobility for winter outdoor athletes. In addition to jackets, Oros also makes mid-layers and other accessories that provide great aerogel performance at an affordable price.


The Oros Endeavor Jacket delivers an excellent blend of breathability and protection. However, the stiffness of the material can make it difficult to move around. This jacket qualifies for free shipping on orders over $99. Oros ships worldwide. Depending on your location, domestic shipping can take from two to five days. International shipping times are less clear, so check with your local store for details.

The Oros Endeavor Jacket and Pants are the perfect combination of comfort and protection for the chilly winter months. They are filled with advanced technology to improve their insulation. Oros uses an Aerogel-based insulation that’s 3mm thick, which is equivalent to 40mm of goose down.


The Warmth of Oros Endeavor Jacket is a great option for people who want to stay warm in cold weather without having to compromise their mobility. It has been tested for extremely cold temperatures and has received good reviews from users. This jacket does not come cheap, but it is a great choice for those who need to stay warm in cold climates.

The warmth of the Oros Endeavor Jacket is made from a highly insulating material. This jacket is made from 90 percent aerogel, which is the least thermally conductive material on Earth. It has been used in oil pipeline blankets and has been used as a spacesuit insulator.

Return policy

Oros offers a 30-day return policy if you’re not satisfied with your purchase. It does, however, charge a small shipping fee to return items, which may be inconvenient if you don’t live in the US or Canada. Furthermore, Oros’s customer support service is not the fastest and often takes days to respond to inquiries.

Oros is an outerwear company founded in 2015 by Rithvik Vienna and Michael Markesbery. The brand claims to use NASA-inspired technology to create functional, lightweight outerwear. While the company’s catalog is relatively small, the range of items it sells is diverse and stylish.

The Oros Endeavor Jacket is a lightweight shell ski jacket that offers superior insulation. It’s made with NASA-developed Aerogel that is 90 percent air. Oros also incorporates SolarCore insulation into the jacket’s sleeves and body to provide maximum warmth.