Top 5 CF Guys: Cain, Trey, Riley, Kent, and Kentie!


Dawson and Aiden are two bodybuilding titans who regularly meet to flex their muscles and compare boob sizes. When they see each other, they smile before kissing each other to seal the deal.

As Aiden finds himself being attacked on his tight hole, he tells Dawson he wants to cum for him. They quickly assume their missionary positions, with Aiden hitting Riley hard with an enormous cock and shooting long loads over his abs and chest.


Cain may be new to the scene, but his thick, entire cock has made him one of CF fans’ favorites. Not only is he physically appealing and well-built, but his broad, dense cock also seems to delight his partners like no other! Plus, he enjoys licking and getting wild! Cain has proved himself an exceptional lover who enjoys picking and going on wild adventures – from suctioning and sucking through to breaking in newcomers who become one of his favorites! CF fans everywhere have recognized his great skill at breaking in newcomers as one of their favorites!

He’s also an expert at seducing women, using his powerful muscles to seduce them hard. His long cock reaches down to his thighs, while his tight and full nipples offer ample opportunity for passion. Addison and he start smooching each other immediately upon meeting, kissing, licking, and working their asses until both become intoxicated with pleasure – then they switch places and continue until both parties are dizzy with delight!

Cain quickly grasps how to use his cock to seduce his partner. First, he lays their back down, then begins by rubbing each other’s nipples before flipping her over and drilling his cock deep inside her until she moans. Cain jackhammers her doggy-style until she cannot contain herself anymore as he pounds and suckings until her pleasure levels reach peak levels, giving nipple action before grabbing and jamming his massive cock into her narrow asshole.


Trey is an accomplished singer-songwriter-writer renowned in various fields. With an intuitive ear for music and a knack for making people happy, Trey quickly made his mark at Pinnacle Security, where he went from an entry-level salesperson to becoming number one within one year – later transitioning into sales coaching as he helped others follow their passions to find success themselves.

Trey and his brother have been singing together for years and recently launched a YouTube channel featuring creative covers of popular songs. They have also performed at events such as the TikTok Experience Dallas event.

Trey also works as the Director of Worship and Arts at Tabernacle Baptist Church in Augusta, Georgia, and teaches at the University of St Thomas in St Paul. He’s passionate about inspiring young adults to pursue their goals and live life fully.

Trey is a survivor of the Sante Fe school shooting and remains profoundly dedicated to his best friend, whom he lost during this tragedy. Former mattress salesman with an impressive mullet, Trey has quickly become popular on TikTok and American Idol auditioning – making his audition one to watch!


Riley is a preteen with shoulder-length dirty blonde hair and cornflower-blue eyes. She has an athletic build, small chest measurements, and a noticeable gap in her front teeth.

She is a highly hard-working young lady who deeply cares for her family and friends. She possesses an exemplary work ethic, is an ace student, and enjoys singing and songwriting – but is sometimes reckless, leading her into trouble, as evidenced by when she stole Ellie’s Walkman; yet despite this, she and Ellie became close and even kissed each other!

Riley began missing Minnesota immediately upon moving with her family to San Francisco. Joy and Sadness’ bullying of Riley caused tears, prompting more emotional outbursts that helped them adjust to life in California. Her emotions eventually helped her adapt more comfortably to life there.

Riley is an ardent supporter of the Fireflies and owns a poster featuring their leader in her room, memorizing their charter by heart. Additionally, Riley is an adept graffiti artist whom Huey and Ed use to aid them with their criminal pursuits; her knowledge in this area comes in handy during the kidnapping of Oprah Winfrey. Additionally, she displays high levels of criminal aptitude, as evidenced by her criticisms against Ed and Rummy for lacking knowledge; besides, she can diffuse situations using reverse psychology techniques to defuse situations quickly.


Marc is best known for his roles on TV shows such as Hustle and Band of Brothers. Additionally, he’s appeared in films like Mad Dogs and The Good Wife and stage plays like My Fair Lady and has served on multiple boards, including Calais Selectboard and UVM’s Rubenstein School.

Where he currently sits, Andreessen Horowitz’s portfolio companies include Applied Intuition, Carta, Dialpad, Coinbase, Golden Honor Samsara, and OpenGov. In addition, he served on the National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform and was a senior budget analyst with the Joint Committee of Deficit Reduction; he conducted research for the World Bank, GAO, and the Historian’s Office at Social Security Administration.

His credits include the Scorcese film “Walk The Line,” the PBS documentary “Gare du Nord,” and the short film “In As Much As Life Is Borrowed.” Additionally, he composed music for dance pieces by Belgian choreographer Wim Vandekeybus and Joe Brewster’s theater piece called “The Killing Zone,” as well as writing an instrumental guitar score to Charlie Chaplin’s “The Kid” for New York Guitar Festival solo guitar festival performance and solo guitar score with musicians including Albert Ayler, Bill Frisell, John Zorn and Ceramic Dog (and recorded extensively as leader and sideman).


Kent will blow your mind! With his stunning features – his face melting female eyes and body built like two or three brick houses – Kent stands out among college jocks as an attractive man with an insatiable appetite for sex, an impressive cock that refuses to quit, a charming personality, and sense of humor make him a delight to be around and is adept at bottoming for other men.

He’s initially shy when meeting new guy Cain but soon warms up to his partner’s big-cockedness. Once comfortable with Cain, he quickly switches gears and goes after taller fellow Connor, who enjoys having their wet load pounded out! I like both his nipples and shaft, but the real fun begins once Connor gets into Cain’s tight hole!

Aiden delights in sucking his friend’s nipples and broomstick, but his eyes cannot stay off Dawson’s more extensive and muscular cock. Aiden asks Dawson to pound him, and once he does – this muscular hunk whimpers in ecstasy before hitting and jerking and pouring his load onto the muscle bottom, covering it in cum! Eventually, the guys kiss and smile – an ideal pairing between two of CF’s most celebrated stars!


Dawson Dawson is best known as a star of the CW teen drama Dawson’s Creek and appeared for six seasons of the series and in various other films and TV shows. A gifted actor with a powerful bodybuilder physique that made him perfect for porn video roles like bodybuilding videos. Dawson has many fans who enjoy watching his scenes.

Dawson’s Creek is an iconic coming-of-age tale set in Capeside, a fictional Massachusetts town. Starring Jack McPhee (Kerr Smith), Andie Leery (Mary Beth Peil), Pacey Hamilton (Joshua Jackson), and Jen Lindley (Michelle Williams, an underused Oscar nominee before that), Dawson is an ambitious film nerd obsessed with Spielberg who longs to make his movies while wrestling between an attraction to cool girl Jen and Joey who lives down the creek – ultimately coming full circle and becoming who he wants to become.

At first, Dawson found love with Gretchen (Natasha Lyonne), Pacey’s sister. But after some time, they realized their romance wasn’t anything serious and decided not to pursue it any further. At the end of the series, however, Gretchen returned home just days before his departure to California and ended up back in bed with him before she moved out again shortly after that. Once Gretchen left Capeside again, Dawson helped Jen make a video message for Amy telling her they are soul mates despite crossing over traditional definitions of friendship and romance.