Free Typing Games


Typing games are great for improving your typing speed and accuracy. Many of these games come with an error and speed counter to keep track of how you’re doing. They also feature key lists to help you see how proficient you are with specific keys. While these games are a great way to practice, they can also help you identify the most common mistakes you make when typing.

Learning games for kids

Typing games for kids can be a great way to reinforce the importance of learning to type. These games often have upbeat themes, colorful graphics, and silly sounds. There are even free games for kids to help children learn how to type in a fun way. For example, Dance Mat Typing offers four levels, each based on the different letters and rows on a keyboard.

Another great typing game for kids is ABC Jump Rocks. Similar to the famous arcade game, it lets your child learn the alphabet while navigating the game. In this game, the child must type letters to make the character jump to the next level. It’s important to type the correct letter to advance through a level – hitting an incorrect letter will reset the level and require another try. Another game for kids is Ghosts in the Background. This typing game helps kids learn to type faster by requiring them to hit the right letter while avoiding ghosts and obstacles.


Type Dojo is a free typing game, with no registration or login required. It features timed tests and rote drills and can be played on desktop computers, Chromebooks, and even smartphones. Parents can use the game to monitor their child’s progress and determine what level they should start on. Type Dojo also provides a certificate for completing tests, which motivates children to keep going.

TypeDojo also has sister site called KidzType, which offers a variety of free typing games for kids. The dance mat typing game, for example, lets kids practice touch typing with an animated keyboard and dance along with it. The nails on the fingers match the colors of the keys on the keyboard, while the letters light up as they correspond to the keys. In addition, kids can also light up the figures on the side of the game screen.

Typing Ninja

Typing Ninja is a typing game that allows you to practice your skills and improve your speed. It is a challenging game that requires you to type fast and accurately. The game includes a variety of different settings. You can adjust your speed, and the speed of your enemies, so you can be as effective as possible. Some settings are more powerful than others, such as the rage of the wind, which allows you to kill all enemies in a single attack. Just be sure to keep your energy bar filled to increase your speed.

Typing Ninja is an online typing game that you can play on any browser, or even on your Android, iPhone, or iPad. It features full-screen mode and HTML5 technology. It has been compared to the popular arcade game Fruit Ninja and is one of the most popular free typing games. The game has three different difficulty levels and can be played using either letters or numbers.

Desert Typing Racer

If you’re looking for a fun typing game that teaches you to type fast, try the Desert Typing Racer. In this fun typing game, you must type the words above the cars to avoid them. Various difficulty levels are available, and you can also try typing random letters to boost your score.

This game will teach you to type faster by challenging you to hit the target word per minute in a limited time. This game is suitable for children as well as adults. It will help them learn to type with two fingers instead of one and will save them a lot of frustration in the future. As you play, you can compete against other types from around the world. You can also earn currency that you can use to buy new cars and gear for your racer.

Type Defence

The free Android program Type Defence – Typing and Writing Game is a fun and simple way to improve your typing and writing skills. The objective is to type words on the screen to defend your castle and defeat your enemies. You can use different types of weapons and upgrades to make your castle more powerful. This game is available in multiple languages, including English, Spanish, French, Italian, and Japanese.

This game is fast-paced and requires accuracy to survive. You must type the letters that identify the objects that are attacking you. As you continue, your score will increase. As your typing skills improve, you can play harder levels.