How to Earn Coins in Ludo King Online



If you’ve ever played the classic board game Ludo, you’ll know that the rules of the game are simple. The object of the game is to get four of the same color pieces to the “Finish” area of the board before your opponent does. The game is played with two to four players. To start playing, you must have at least three tokens of the same color.

You can play the game online or offline. Ludo is one of the oldest board games. There are two to four players, a board divided into four sections, and a set of dice and tokens for each player. Your goal is to get your checkers to the finish area in the order that you want. If you prefer playing the game online, you can select how many pieces to use and set the number of players. You can also create your own custom games in the “play with friends” room.

Game rules

Ludo is a family-friendly board game with roots in the Indian game of Pachisi. It is a strategy-based game played with two or more players and four different colors. The goal is to place all of your pawns in your home space. Players have one minute to complete their turn by collecting as many tokens as possible. The game uses 4 pawns, one for each player, and a board with four squares. The pieces are in play until they reach the ‘finishing square’, which is often a large coloured rectangle atop the home column.

To win the game, players must predict their opponent’s seven-step strategy and prevent their opponent’s tokens from landing on their own. In order to do this, players roll dice and must traverse all the tokens on the board clockwise. They must then make sure their path ends on a corresponding colored path, which leads to their home space. If they fail to roll the exact number of their dice, they lose their opportunity to win the game.

Reward system

The Ludo King rewards system is not as extensive as that of some freemium games, but it still plays an important role in online play. The goal is to accumulate as many coins as possible in order to compete against the best players worldwide. As your currency balance increases, you may want to consider making bigger investments in the game. Alternatively, you can sell your old mobile phone online and recycle it, which gives you coins to play with.

The rewards in Ludo are ongoing and can range from extra cash to new themes or advanced levels. You may also want to participate in tournaments, and the rewards can be in the form of prizes and extra time.

Taking turns to play

You can play Ludo King on many platforms, including Windows, iOS, and Android. The game includes a simple yet fun rule set, which involves taking turns on a game board. The first person to move their tokens all the way to the finish area of the board wins.

You can also play Ludo King with friends online, even if you’re not in the same room as them. To play this online version of the classic board game, you’ll need to have a Facebook account or guest login. Once you’re in, you’ll need to set up your game. Once you’ve set up your game board, select the default game type. Then, you can choose to play Ludo with your friends, Snakes, and Ladders, or Settings.

The Ludo King board game can be played with two to six players online. It’s a great choice for a family or group of friends. This cross-platform game has a livelier theme and more game modes than other Ludo games. In addition to playing Ludo online, you can also enjoy the Player vs. Computer game mode, Local Multiplayer, and Online Multiplayer game modes.

Getting coins for winning

One of the best ways to get coins in Ludo King is to win matches. This will help you gain higher rankings and you can also use coins to buy in-game themes. These themes will add personal touches to your Ludo King experience. You can even sell your old phone online to earn more coins.

Ludo King is a very popular online game. This game has gained a large following thanks to its innovative features. One such feature is the 7 Up-Down coin wheel. Although the game seems to be biased against high-level players, it has been a huge success!