Best Beach Towns to Live in India


If you love the beach but want to live elsewhere, India’s beach towns are worth checking out. From Kovalam to Gokarna, you can enjoy the sun, surf, and local culture in various communities. Read on to learn more about each of them.


Located on the southern tip of India, Varkala experiences moderate temperatures throughout the year. The cool sea breeze is the most pleasant in October and February. Otherwise, late August to late September is also good month to visit. The monsoons can also be pleasant, but it’s best to check the weather before you go.

If you like being active and exploring the surroundings, you can take surfing, paddle boarding, and even yoga lessons. You can also spend a day fishing or taking a dolphin spotting tour.


There is something for everyone in Kovalam. From surfing lessons to a leisurely swim, you can do it all here. The town also offers cultural programs and ayurvedic health resorts. Best of all, it is entirely safe. In addition to being one of India’s best beach towns, Kovalam is also home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the country.

The main beach in Kovalam is Lighthouse Beach, which offers many activities. You’ll love the beachscapes around the lighthouse if you’re into photography. The beach is open seven days a week. Hours are 10 AM to 5:45 PM, except on Mondays. You can also enjoy parasailing, swimming, and sampling the local seafood at this beach.


Valsad, Gujarat, is a historic coastal town known for its pristine beach and beautiful architecture. Several famous temples and shrines can be found in the coastal region. Some of these are the famous Shri Sai Baba Temple and the Sri Swami Narayan Temple.

The town is located 92 km from Surat. This coastal city is known for its picturesque beaches, horticulture industry, and friendly people. Despite its small size, the pollution in this town is negligible, making it one of the cleanest towns in India. The city also boasts delicious food, including chikoo and mangoes.


Gokarna is a picturesque town and one of the country’s seven most important Hindu pilgrimage centers. Once a sleepy beach town near the estuary of the river Aghanashini, it has changed its character over the years. Although still revered as a place of worship, it is now home to more tourist resorts and upscale stores. The town has undergone a transformation with the increasing number of wealthy western tourists.

Gokarna has pristine beaches, which are safe to swim on without fear of sand spray. You can also partake in water sports like water skiing or parasailing or enjoy a banana boat ride. While visiting the town, visit the beaches between October and March. During these months, temperatures are pleasant and relatively warm, although it becomes rainy in July and September. The sea waves will change the beaches, so you should visit the area during cooler seasons.


If you are looking for a place to live in India where you can enjoy the beach and the water, then you must consider Wandoor, a small beach town located in the Andaman Islands. This picturesque beach town is renowned for its scenic beauty and marine life. It is also the gateway to the Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park and Jolly Buoy Island, an iconic snorkeling destination.

Many lesser-known beach towns in India offer a unique experience. These are far removed from popular tourist destinations but offer a unique lifestyle. They are less crowded and are ideal for vacationing with the family.


Known as the city of dawn, Pondicherry is a perfect destination for a relaxing vacation. It has clear, shallow waters and a long coastline, and it is the perfect spot for sunbathing and a peaceful meal. The town is also a popular spot for water sports, and plenty of cafes offer French cuisine and local delicacies.

There are numerous bus services from different cities to Pondicherry. The town is located on NH 45 and is easily accessible by road.