Eco Park Kolkata Ticket Price


Eco Park is an integral part of visiting Kolkata, boasting multiple attractions and providing visitors with numerous activities they will love. Even replicas of some of the seven wonders can be seen there!

At this park, boating trips can also be found, with costs varying depending on the selected travel. Zorbing costs Rs 150 per person for land or water-based activities.

Water Roller

The Water Roller is one of the park’s most thrilling water activities, providing visitors with an exhilarating ride inside an inflatable balloon that moves through the water. Two to three people can enjoy this exciting experience together at 150 rupees per person for this activity.

The Eco Park offers numerous rides explicitly designed to make children smile, and the Children’s Park features sculptures, fountains, green areas, and games to keep kids busy for hours on end. Open Tuesday to Saturday.

Eco Park boasts several activities to engage visitors, such as the archery range and Mother’s Wax Museum, which features colorful idols of cricketers, freedom fighters, and Bollywood celebrities.

The Eco Park can be found at Major Arterial Road, Action Area 2, New Town in Kolkata. It is easily accessible from all parts of the city: Sealdah Railway Station is within reach, while taxis or buses run regularly from its vicinity to New Town. Netaji Subhas Chandra International Airport is about 10km away, while BMTC runs regular services between the city center and New Town – for any inquiries, contact the Ticket Counter or Help Desk within the park; once tickets have been booked online, you can present either your mobile phone display screen to gain entry or print copies with you when entering.

Sub Junior Cycling

At this park, young cyclists can have an exciting cycling experience with friends or loved ones at an affordable Rs 150 for an hour-long ride. Archery enthusiasts can visit a dedicated range and pay Rs 50 per set of 10 shots. In addition, picnickers will find ample opportunity for recreation amongst the large water bodies within the park.

Additionally, the park boasts an abundance of plants and animals. What sets this park apart is its ability to bring together different kinds of flora and fauna species in one location, making it an ideal spot for quiet time in nature.

The park features several water bodies that are perfect for boating. Prices will depend on what kind of boating trip is booked; typically, costs per hour should range between Rs 50 and Rs 75.

Shoppers will find handicrafts and artwork at the park’s stalls, shops, and food and beverage stalls. There are even toy train tracks running throughout the entire park for visitors who’d prefer not to walk, as well as an Eco-cart for each ride costing Rs 100.

For best results, take a bus from either Kolkata’s central railway station or airport and get off at Bali Ghat; once there, take another bus heading toward either Newtown or Eco Park.


Eco Park Kolkata is an idyllic spot where you can spend your day taking in nature’s splendor. Numerous activities are available here, such as boating, zorbing, skating, and archery to tourists visiting this park. Great for families and groups of friends – there’s even an Ekante Cafe serving various Bengali dishes and enjoying nightly laser and musical fountain shows!

The park is one of the most significant ecotourism attractions in India. It covers an area of 190 acres, featuring a lake (42 acres) forming an island in its center that provides ideal spots for relaxation and escape from city life. Furthermore, there are various gardens with different species of flowers and Seven Wonders Garden, which displays nature’s splendor.

Explore this park to experience wetlands, grasslands, urban forests, and open spaces – it offers plenty of activities! Eco Park is also popular with locals; hosting various events and festivals annually makes this an attractive attraction.

Eco Park in Kolkata can be reached in several ways, including trains and buses. From Sealdah station, take a bus or taxi directly to the park; alternatively, Ola and Uber cab services can get you there in under 30 minutes. Furthermore, significant roads connect this destination well.

High-Speed Boat

The Eco Park in Kolkata is an idyllic spot for an enjoyable afternoon. As India’s largest urban park, it features ecological zones, theme gardens, and recreational areas surrounding a man-made lake – popular spots among city dwellers who visit this oasis to unwind from hectic lives. There are multiple ways to reach this beautiful site: by plane, train, and bus.

To experience all the park offers, tickets must first be purchased. These tickets may be bought online or at the park’s entrance, and once payment has been approved, you will receive an e-ticket by email or mobile phone, which must then be shown upon entry at the door to gain entrance.

At this park, there is something fun for everyone – roller skating, water sports, archery, and zorbing are among the many available activities. Additionally, adults and kids alike can ride a high-speed boat, with adult tickets costing 150 rupees for 30 minutes of fun!

The park features a gaming zone for visitors to enjoy different games for a small fee, providing families with children an ideal way to have fun together and build memories. Furthermore, a coffee shop within its walls offers delicious tea or wine drinks!

The park is easily accessible by road from various parts of Kolkata and well-linked with major railway stations and airports across India. From Kolkata International Airport, hire a car or take a bus and reach it within two hours, or travel by train to Sealdah Junction or Bidhan Nagar railway stations before catching a bus directly to it.

Gaming Zone

Are you searching for an entertaining place for you and your family to visit? Look no further than Eco Park Kolkata, located in Rajarhat’s New Town area and offering activities suitable for visitors of all ages. As one of Bengal’s pioneering eco-tourism parks, Eco Park Kolkata features gardens, wetlands, and open urban recreational spaces – an experience not to be missed!

The park boasts many attractions to keep visitors entertained, such as Water Roller, Sub Junior Cycling, Archery, High-Speed Boat Racing and Gaming Zone, and Zorbing. You can rent a bicycle and tour around to take in all its sights; additionally, you may enjoy relaxing picnics under large coconut trees to take a break from city life and recharge. All amenities are well maintained, with friendly staff members on hand for assistance.

Reaching Eco Park from anywhere in Kolkata is simple, with bus travel from Ultadanga, Salt Lake, Chingrighata, Baguiati, and even Kolkata Airport. Additionally, private taxi services may also take you there.

Ticket prices differ depending on the season. Tickets can be purchased online or at a park’s ticket counter; payments can also be made using bank account and credit card payments. When entering the park, be sure to bring along your e-ticket for entry.

The park is open daily except Monday from 2:30 PM to 8:30 PM, and you can visit even in the dark when its lights illuminate and musical fountains shine bright.