Chetpet Eco Park in Chennai


Chennai Park with Lake is an idyllic park featuring a lovely lake. Offering tranquil surroundings for both strolling and playing with children, as well as boating services at reasonable rates, this sweet spot can be found close to Kilpauk railway station and Egmore railway station.

This eco-park, established on the Chetpet Lakeshore and inaugurated in February 2016, features boating and angling as critical draws.

1. Boating

Chetpet EcoPark provides an idyllic retreat for visitors who enjoy nature. Its lake is home to abundant aquatic life and has excellent boating or angling opportunities, making the park ideal for relaxing evening strolls.

This one-of-a-kind eco-park offers boating, angling, and more. The center pond of the park contains recycled sewage water for an eco-friendly experience. Many visitors enjoy taking strolls around its lake either early morning or late.

Near Kilpauk Medical College, this park has become an attractive family destination. Offering various activities, including 3D theater, walking paths, boating, and an aquarium. Furthermore, there are food kiosks throughout the park for added convenience.

The park is immaculately kept, and staff members are welcoming. A nominal entrance fee applies; additional costs apply for boating and fishing activities. Regular walkers may purchase monthly or yearly passes at different prices.

2. Angling

Chetpet Eco Park on Chetpet Lake provides one of Chennai’s finest boating spots with angling, sit-outs, and a children’s play area. Recently opened to the public in February 2016, Chetpet Eco Park boasts all these amenities for an enjoyable boating experience.

Eco Park Lake-Based Recreational Waterbody in the heart of the city, draws large numbers of people for fishing, while its diverse aquatic flora and fauna attract even more. Furthermore, fishery training programs for young people to promote sport fishing can also be found here, as well as opportunities for walking, jogging, and other outdoor activities such as bird watching and photography.

As we visited this stunning place, we were fortunate enough to spot several species such as Cormorants and Black-winged Stilts, Grey-headed Lapwings, Little Stints Marsh Sandpipers, and Wood Sandpipers; unfortunately, this beautiful park was infested with African Giant snails and Water Hyacinth which cost 20 crores in construction costs alone; they could have invested some of that money on eliminating these invasive species that had no place in marshlands instead.

Overall, it was truly delightful to experience being in such an oasis amidst a bustling city. Nature lovers should make time for this unforgettable visit.

3. Walking

Chetpet Eco Park is located at the heart of Chennai and provides the ideal escape for people looking for peace and serenity during their morning or evening strolls. Boasting a picturesque lake and home to various species of birds and plants, hiking and walking enthusiasts will find Chetpet Eco Park an excellent place for relaxation away from city life’s bustle.

Eco parks offer many recreational activities for visitors, such as boating and angling, bird watching, photography, and photography-birding – the perfect setting for birders and photographers! Additionally, family outings, friends gatherings, or just enjoying lunch in nature make eco parks great spots. Furthermore, their food options provide ideal dining options.

The eco-park boasts a 1.5 km-paved walkway, making it the perfect location for morning and evening strolls. Home to numerous bird and plant species such as common mormon, lemon pansy, black rajah, and painted lady. Crows, mynahs, blue rock pigeons, and water paddy birds may also be found within its boundaries.

Moovit can assist with navigation to and from the park by car and public transit, such as buses and trains, with live directions and transit information. Bikes, taxis, or even cabs may also reach its grounds.

4. Fishing

Chetpet Ecopark, situated in the bustling heart of a bustling city, has become a haven for nature enthusiasts and children. Offering tranquil lake waters, restaurants, a joggers’ track, multi-level parking facilities, and a virtual reality theatre will soon join its activities.

Poonamallee High Road offers rainwater harvesting systems, and the sewage treatment plant recycles over 50,000 liters of wastewater into Lake Poonamallee daily, drawing many sport fishing enthusiasts who visit early morning and evening. Benches, dustbins, and other structures designed with eco-friendliness adorn this park; even toilets feature fish-themed patterns on walls and doors.

Lake Atoll draws in many birds and reptiles. Black bitterns, cinnamon bitterns, pied kingfishers, and yellow wagtails have all been seen here; rare sightings include white-bellied sea eagles, black-winged kites, and chestnut-winged storks as well.

Joggers will find a track circling Adyar Lake ideal for running, with boating and angling facilities also provided in its surrounding park. Furthermore, Friends of Adyar Poonga provides environmental conservation and wildlife education programs in schools and monthly awareness programs every second Saturday! Those interested in discovering more of its native flora and fauna should visit Tholkappia Poonga nearby for more knowledge.

5. Kids play area

At this eco-park in Chennai, there is a children’s play area featuring activities designed to help children burn calories. From swings, climbers, slides, and sea saws – there is plenty for your child to choose from to stay active during a busy city day! Also, it is perfect as an oasis for parents looking for somewhere safe yet fun to take their children when exercise becomes necessary!

Poonamallee High Road Park boasts a 16-acre park featuring an artificial lake constructed using recycled sewage water – the only such lake within city limits and thus drawing thousands of people daily to take refreshing strolls along its waters.

Attractions at this green park include a 3D theatre, food zone, and small fish eco aquarium. Bird-watching enthusiasts will delight in discovering an abundance of birds in this park’s environs; youngsters love exploring its Children’s Park, while adults enjoy relaxing on wooden sit-outs and socializing.

This railway museum in Chennai is an ideal way to introduce children to the magnificence of Indian railways. With 41 life-size train models spanning colonial coaches to Nilgiri Mountain trains and sculptures by railway artists, there is something here for everyone at this free museum that allows children to try their hands at operating trains – plus free toy train rides!

6. Aquarium

Chetpet Ecopark boasts an aquarium filled with exotic species and biotopes that recreate specific regions’ environments and fish life. Don’t miss it when visiting this eco-park!

The park boasts an outstanding children’s play area with many active play activities for your little ones. There are slides, climbing bars, swings, sea shells, and sliding boards so everyone can find something entertaining to do – Plus, there’s also a cafeteria where you can purchase food and refreshments!

Early morning and evening strollers frequent this park. Additionally, visitors can purchase gifts at its shops. With its reputation for cleanliness and well-kept walkways, this is an ideal spot to escape city life.

Former Chief Minister J Jayalalitha took steps to transform the lake into an eco-park by investing Rs 42 crore and opening it officially on February 20, 2016.

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