How to Remove Scratch From Apple Watch


Your watch probably comes with scratches you’d like to get rid of. You may want to try a DIY method or buy a quality scratch remover. Purchasing a quality screen protector is also a good idea. These products can help you avoid future scratches by protecting the watch’s screen.

Stainless steel is more scratch-resistant than aluminum.

Stainless steel is more scratch-resistant than its aluminum counterpart due to its higher density. It is also much more resistant to dents and dings. Moreover, steel is also more robust and resists warping and deformation. However, steel is heavier than aluminum. It is roughly two and a half times denser than aluminum. This makes it less suitable for household applications.

Aluminum is more pliable than stainless steel, so it’s easier to cut and shape. Stainless steel is difficult to form and can be more challenging to work with. However, its corrosion and wear resistance make it suitable for higher temperatures. While aluminum becomes soft above 400 degrees Fahrenheit, stainless steel is much more durable.

The ultimate tensile strength of a material is the maximum stress that a material can withstand in tension without fracturing. Stainless steel is far more robust than aluminum, which is why stainless steel is used in the automotive industry. In addition, aluminum can be hard-anodized to increase its strength and make it more durable.

Stainless steel is also more resistant to staining than aluminum. However, unlike aluminum, it is not entirely corrosion-resistant. Aluminum is made from regular steel, while stainless steel is a refined version of mild steel. It is often used in cutlery and industrial blades.

Avoiding toothpaste

While toothpaste has been used to remove scratches on the Apple Watch, using it on a deep scratch can be detrimental. A gel-based toothpaste should never be used on an Apple Watch. Instead, use a soft, lint-free microfiber cloth to rub the scratch gently. It’s best to rub in circular motions. If you accidentally use toothpaste on your Apple Watch, you can easily remove it using a damp microfiber cloth.

Another method is to apply non-abrasive toothpaste onto cotton wool and buff away scratches. This works well on a minor scratch, but it will take a couple of applications if the scratch is deep. Moreover, grainy toothpaste can damage the surface of your watch’s crystal.

Replacing screen manually

If your Apple Watch has scratches, there are several ways to remove them. One of these is to polish or buff the scratched surface. However, if the scratch is very deep, you will need to contact Apple to get it repaired. While your Apple warranty won’t cover this, you can consider purchasing AppleCare+, which can help you reduce repair costs.

You can also try applying toothpaste to the scratched surface. This works wonders for minor scratches and blemishes and will restore the luster of the display. However, toothpaste may strip the oleophobic coating, so be careful. You may end up damaging your watch even more.

Another way to fix scratches on Apple Watch is to replace the screen. This relatively straightforward process can help restore your device to a nearly new condition. You can save money by purchasing the necessary parts online or from a third-party repair company. For instance, Joe’s Gaming & Electronics offers a replacement screen for a $250 Apple Watch. Alternatively, you can buy replacement screens online at iFixit or FixEZ. The websites also provide step-by-step instructions for the repair.

You can also clean your Apple Watch’s screen by applying glass polishing paste. This requires patience and a microfiber cloth or cotton swab. However, make sure to keep the device in a safe location when polishing the screen to prevent further damage.