How to Change Address in Flipkart


There may be occasions when we need to change the Flipkart delivery address for product deliveries. This could happen due to mistyping or moving locations.

Here are five simple steps for changing your Flipkart address. Be sure to follow each step carefully to avoid any mishaps. This method works both on mobile devices as well as websites.

Saved Addresses

If you need to change your billing address on Flipkart, there are various methods you can take. First, log into either their website or app and click on Account; from here, all saved addresses can be seen; select one you would like to edit and click Edit before tapping Add New Address for any additional addresses that need changing or new ones added here.

Flipkart allows customers to change their delivery address before the product has already been shipped out; otherwise, this cannot be altered afterward. Contacting customer service may work, but they will likely state it is too late.

To update your delivery address, follow these steps:

Launch the Flipkart app from its home page, select Account, and scroll down until you reach Saved Addresses. Here, you will see a list of all of your saved addresses, including the default billing address; to change anyone, tap Edit next to its name.

Flipkart allows sellers to choose an alternate address for delivery other than their registered address in order to avoid delays when sending products directly to customers and even receive discounts by doing so.

Flipkart’s pickup address is where you deliver orders directly to eKart logistics for shipment. The process for changing this depends on whether eKart services are available in that area and whether they are serviceable for changing pickup addresses if desired. You may also submit a ticket if you are not satisfied with the existing ones.

Flipkart sellers must possess valid address proof and ID proof. This can include company telephone and electricity bills, partnership deeds, lease agreements, or rental contracts as valid documents to establish your address. Furthermore, to register on Flipkart, you will also require a bank account.

Shipping Addresses

If your address has changed, Flipkart makes it easy to update its shipping address accordingly. Click on ‘accountaEUR at the bottom of your screen, click on “ordersaEUR and choose the product for which you wish to change shipping details.

Flipkart requires valid ID and password information in order to change your shipping address, after which you enter your new shipping address and click Save before completing your purchase.

Shipping addresses are where products will be sent for delivery; these can be both home and office addresses. In general, your billing address and shipping address may differ, though you could use one as both in case you’re purchasing multiple items from different sellers.

To change your shipping address, log into your Flipkart account on either the website or app and navigate to “Account,” followed by “Saved Addresses.” There, select an alternative address from your list or create new lessons if necessary.

Flipkart shipping addresses serve as the location where orders will arrive. Therefore, they must contain valid addresses so the company can send products to them successfully. Should your address change at any point in the future, be sure to update this aspect as quickly as possible so they are delivered where they belong.

If your shipping address has changed prior to the scheduled date of shipment, Flipkart customer support can provide a 24-hour window for making changes before it processes your shipment.

To change your billing address, log into either the Flipkart website or app. Once logged into your account, navigate to “Account”, scroll down until you reach “Saved Addresses”, and edit or delete existing addresses as required.

Billing Addresses

If you want to change your Flipkart billing address, open the app and navigate to Account. Scroll down until you reach the Saved Addresses section; once selected, click the Edit button for changes. Once changes have been applied successfully, your new billing address will take effect immediately!

Flipkart allows you to change your billing address after placing an order, however you must do this prior to shipment; otherwise the courier will deliver your product directly to your old address – potentially violating your privacy in doing so.

Immediately contact Flipkart customer service if any such issue arises; they will investigate and take necessary actions, such as refunding your money or providing a replacement product.

Flipkart billing addresses serve as the location where your bills and invoices arrive, whether that be your home or office address. Switching your billing address with Flipkart is simple – either online or by calling them up directly.

Flipkart provides customers with a Billing Address, which they can use to make payments either online or over the phone. It differs from their Shipping Address, which is used for delivering products and tracking them.

To update your billing address in Flipkart, log in and click ‘Account.’ You’ll see all of your saved addresses here and can edit them by clicking on the three-dot icon on the right side.

Consider whether or not your pin code can be serviced by Flipkart’s logistic partners, if it isn’t then shift your business location so it is more accessible; otherwise, send orders daily to an eKart logistic hub so they arrive faster without hassle – an excellent tip for increasing sales on Flipkart.

Customer Support

Change Your Billing Address on Flipkart Changing your billing address on Flipkart may not be difficult, but you must follow some steps. Doing this will ensure that your product reaches its correct location while being correctly invoiced for it. To change this information, you must log into the Flipkart website or app and click the ‘Account’ option; here, all saved addresses can be seen with three dots to edit them by simply clicking on their respective side.

Alternatively, you can also utilize Flipkart’s online customer support service to update your billing address. The service is available 24/7 and assists in all aspects of the shopping experience. It’s user-friendly, with numerous options that help quickly find answers when needed.

Flipkart’s billing address is used to bill you for products purchased online or through its app and where packages will be sent after they arrive at their final destination. Knowing your billing address allows you to keep an eye on purchases made from this online retailer as well as ensure you purchase products that best suit your needs. This information can help ensure a seamless shopping experience and help ensure you are buying appropriate products for yourself.

Flipkart also allows you to change your delivery address quickly and safely so that your item arrives precisely where it should. Customer support representatives can provide additional assistance should any issues arise regarding its shipping policies or handling processes.

Flipkart, established in India by Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal in 2007, initially offered books. Later, it expanded to provide many other products. Flipkart has grown exponentially over time to become one of India’s premier e-commerce companies, with products spanning electronics, apparel, beauty items, and household goods for sale on its platform. Based in Bangalore, with over 30000 employees worldwide and 100 Million registered users, its principles revolve around transparency and fairness in business dealings.