Authentic Lebanese Cuisine and Desserts at the 21st Annual Lebanese Food and Cultural Festival


Authentic Lebanese cuisine and desserts will be served this weekend at St. Anthony Maronite Church in Wilkes-Barre. The food festival is a fundraising effort for the church’s needed repairs. Volunteers staff the church.

The church’s stuffed grape leaves are fantastic, the meat pies are hearty and delicious, and their baklava is a sweet delight!

Authentic Lebanese Cuisine

Authentic Lebanese cuisine is a rich tapestry of flavors and textures that showcase the country’s cultural heritage. From hearty stews to aromatic grilled meats, this food offers a delicious culinary experience. It also aligns with the health-boosting principles of the Mediterranean diet.

To prepare delicious Lebanese dishes, it is essential to use fresh ingredients. Choosing local produce ensures the highest quality of ingredients and a unique flavor profile. Adding Lebanese seasonings and spices is necessary to bring out the dish’s natural flavors. These include za’atar, an enticing mix of thyme, oregano, marjoram, and lightly toasted sesame seeds. It can be used in salad dressings, hummus, or as a garnish for meat dishes.

Another popular Lebanese ingredient is sumac, which adds a lemony zing to soups and salads. It is also used in kabobs and marinades or mixed with olive oil for dips. Sumac is also known for its aphrodisiac properties and is a staple of Lebanese cooking. Cardamom is another exotic spice that lends a subtle aroma and a touch of sweetness to dishes.

Other popular dishes include kibbeh and football-shaped croquettes made with lamb or beef. These are seasoned with many different herbs and spices and then wrapped in a flaky pastry casing. Another classic is kafta, oval-shaped meatballs seasoned with herbs and spices. They are typically served in pitas or over rice pilaf and can be part of a mezze platter.


The 21st annual Lebanese Food and Cultural Festival is set to return this weekend, April 26-27. This popular event showcases the country’s vibrant culture and cuisine at St. Elias Maronite Catholic Church in Birmingham, Alabama. It features a wide selection of delicious dishes, desserts, traditional music, and dances. The event also offers tours of the church’s heritage room and various vendors. Guests can also participate in various contests and activities, including making tabouli at home with a live demonstration by the church’s chefs.

Lebanon is a multi-faith nation comprising six different Christian and four Muslim groups. Because of this, many of the country’s festivities are celebrated by both Christians and Muslims. One such holiday is Saint Patrick’s Day, which takes place on 17 March and honors the patron saint of Ireland. Another is the Feast of the Assumption, held on 15 August, celebrating the Virgin Mary’s assumption into heaven.

For Muslims, one of the most important festivals is Eid al-Kebir. This holiday commemorates Abraham’s willingness to sacrifice his son Isaac, an episode narrated in both the Bible and the Koran. This festival also involves feasting and grand processions in which the faithful whip themselves. The Muslim community also celebrates the Day of Ashura, which honors the martyrdom of Imam Hussein.


The annual Lebanese Food Festival is an event that celebrates Lebanese culture and heritage. The festival features a variety of Middle Eastern cuisine and entertainment. Those attending the festival can enjoy traditional dishes such as kibbee and kafta. It also features a variety of Middle Eastern sweets. The festival is held annually in the spring and attracts many visitors.

The 38th annual Richmond Lebanese Festival kicks off this weekend and runs through Sunday at the St. Anthony Maronite Church in Glen Allen. The event is free to attend and features a variety of Middle Eastern cuisine, including homemade stuffed grape leaves, spinach pies, hummus, and grilled kebabs. Organizers say the preparation for the festival starts months in advance. Volunteers from the church spend hours dicing, cooking, and preparing thousands of dishes for the festival.

In addition to delicious Lebanese food, the festival features various Middle Eastern music and dance performances. Guests can also browse the different vendors and shop for traditional Lebanese souvenirs. There are also games and activities for children to enjoy.

The annual Lebanese Festival in Birmingham is a must-see for Lebanese food and culture enthusiasts. The festival takes place each April at Saint Elias Maronite Catholic Church and offers a variety of family-friendly events and activities. The festival provides a taste of Lebanon and showcases the fascinating Maronite Rite practiced by the church community.


The Lebanese Food Festival is held each Spring at Saint Elias Maronite Church in Birmingham, AL. This popular cultural event showcases the rich Lebanese heritage and culture through tasty dishes, a welcoming atmosphere, and engaging festivities. Attendees can indulge in mouthwatering foods like Kibbee, salad, pita bread, and hummus while learning about the unique Maronite Rite practiced by this church community.

Throughout the day, guests can enjoy traditional Lebanese dancing and music, and there are plenty of games and activities for kids. Visitors can also learn about Lebanese history and traditions through various exhibits and resources at the event.

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