How to Book Kalyanam Tickets in TTD Online


Kalyanam offers both yoga and kshema benefits; yoga refers to achieving your desires, while kshema refers to protecting what is already yours.

A Kalyana ceremony involves performing with the images of Sita Devi and Sri Rama as worship figures, conducting their marriage under purohit supervision, while archaea perform other rituals. It is thought to bring marital harmony and prosperity to its devotees.

1. Go to the official website of TTD

First, visit TTD’s official website and click “Check Slots Availability for Kalyanam.” Choose a date of your choosing and select “I Agree” if you agree with all terms and conditions. Next, provide details for two devotees (gruhasthas) as well as complete payment. Afterward, you will receive a ticket, message, and email to confirm your reservation.

After booking tickets, please arrive at Supadham one hour prior to seva time with both e-ticket and photo ID proof to avoid any complications or delays.

As well as this, please bring a photocopy of your Seva coupon and a printed copy of your e-ticket with you for any service performed on a day that suits you. Keep in mind that benefits will not be performed during critical festivals such as Srivari Brahmotsavam, Pavitrotsavam Pushpayagam, or solar and lunar eclipses.

2. Select the date

The TTD website allows pilgrims to book various services, such as special darshan tickets, accommodation bookings, and seva bookings. Special darshan tickets allow pilgrims to avoid standing in line when visiting the temple; accommodation bookings allow pilgrims to reserve rooms at one of several guesthouses on temple grounds; while seva bookings enable participants to participate in rituals and ceremonies hosted by TTD.

Once you have selected a date and clicked “Continue,” select the type of service that you would like to attend before agreeing to its terms and conditions. When completed, an email confirmation from TTD Online will be sent out with your transaction details as well as a reference number for future reference.

If you don’t receive your confirmation email, contact TTD Online by phone or email and provide accurate information – TTD may require proof of identity and residency before processing your request and must receive valid email and mobile numbers as well. Once approved, you will receive a ticket that must be printed and presented at the temple entrance. You can also track your registration status by visiting the TTD website and selecting “My Ticket,” which displays the real-time booking status of Seva tickets. However, be mindful that these tickets can quickly sell out upon release time, so a reliable internet connection must be available during quota release time for full participation in these services.

3. Select the seva

At the start of your seva booking process, you must first choose which seva you would like to participate in before following the instructions for payment and providing extra information such as phone number or email address. When your payment has been successful, a confirmation email will be sent. Should any issues arise from receiving this message, contact the TTD helpline immediately for resolution.

TTD recently implemented an online system for Srivari Seva volunteer service to increase transparency and engage more pilgrims as volunteers. On Friday alone, AV Dharma Reddy, Executive Officer of TTD Endowments, answered phone calls from 35 pilgrims during a live phone-in program he hosted.

To book tickets for seva events, the TTD website allows users to log in. When logged in, users will see an available list of sevas as well as their availability; virtual servers may also be selected using the SVBC channel rather than attending directly.

TTD temple also hosts Kalyanotsavam, which depicts Lord Venkateswara and Bhudevi/Sridevi’s marriage ceremony. This service is performed every month at TTD but may be temporarily postponed during primary celebrations such as Srivari Brahmotsavam, Pushpayagam Pavitrotsavam, or solar and lunar eclipses. Furthermore, only married couples may take part in this seva.

4. Select the number of tickets

TTD has made great strides towards decreasing queues and helping devotees get their darshan more efficiently, which has proven popular with people unable to spend long hours standing in line due to age, health issues, or work commitments. Furthermore, this seva has enabled temple staff to manage crowds more effectively.

The Rs 300 special entry darshan ticket has proven invaluable to those unable to stand in long queues for long hours at temples. It allows them to enter quickly and take a quick darshan of Lord Venkateswara without waiting in line, and it has proved especially helpful for elderly, sick, or mobility-impaired visitors.

To book a special entry ticket online, visit the TTD website and register an account with them. All that’s necessary to log in is a valid email address and password information. With your account created, please select the date/time for your Seva service as well as how many tickets are needed for it.

Pilgrims can purchase their Rs 300 special entry darshan tickets early by visiting either the TTD Seva online portal or its authorized booking counters across India. Pilgrims may also take advantage of accommodation package offerings. A maximum of six tickets may be booked per email address, with TTD charging 2 % as a processing fee for online services.

5. Select the payment method

At first, devotees need to register with TTD Seva Online using their user id before providing ID proofs (original documents only – no copies will be accepted) such as an Aadhar card, Voter ID card, Driving License license, or Passport for NRI or Pan card as ID proofs in order to enroll for Arjitha Seva.

After logging in, devotees should select their Kalyanotsavam date from the calendar and fill out all the required information such as Name, Birthdate, Gender, Gothram, Address, Mail ID, Mobile number, etc. After filling in all the details, they should click “Proceed to Payment.” once payment is successful, a confirmation page will appear with tickets that can be downloaded or even emailed directly to their email addresses for easy downloading or delivery to the email accounts of devotees.

At Kalyanotsavam, Lord Venkateswara marries his consorts, Sridevi and Bhudevi. The ceremony is overseen by a purohit who performs rituals such as homam, Mangala sutra dharana, and tahlambralu; then, each couple is awarded silk dupattas and blouse pieces as bhahumanams; two laddus are given out for free for attendance as gifts; for religious reasons, children under 12 aren’t permitted due to them getting distracted from what’s going on during these seva sessions and disrupting proceedings.

6. Select the time

Kalyanotsavam, or Lord Venkateswara’s daily service, takes place daily at Tirupati’s Kalyana Mandapam in Tirupati and forms part of Vaikhanasa Agama rituals, making it immensely popular with his devotees. Tickets for this seva can be booked online through TTD SevaOnline, where visitors can check availability and book tickets for specific dates.

Pilgrims wishing to attend any TTD Seva must first obtain an account on the TTD website or through any of its e-darshan counters in the state, along with valid proofs of identity such as driver’s licenses, voter ID cards or passports for NRIs.

TTD releases tickets three months in advance of any seva date, on the first Friday of each month. Tickets can be booked online or at TTD e-darshan counters across the state; additionally, a limited number of special entry darshan tickets, such as Suprabatha Seva Darshan darshan tickets, are released as well.

TSRTC and AbhiBus have joined forces to make it easy for pilgrims to book TTD tickets online. Visit AbhiBus or download its app, enter your travel details, select a destination and date, click “Check Slots Availability for TTD,” see which dates are available, choose one, and “Continue to Payment.” Finally, click on “Continue Payment” to complete payment for the tickets.