How to Fix RTC Connecting Discord PC


If you are trying to connect your PC to the Discord server, and are having trouble doing so, you are probably frustrated. There are a few things you can do to resolve this issue. Firstly, you should check out your network settings to ensure that your connection speed isn’t too slow. You can also try disabling your firewall and VPN.

Disable Firewall

If you’re experiencing trouble connecting to Discord servers, you may have a problem with your firewall. You can turn off the firewall, which will allow you to access applications you’re blocked from. However, this doesn’t necessarily fix the issue. There are other steps you can take.

For example, you can disable the Windows Defender Firewall, which is located in the Start Menu. This will prevent unauthorized programs from accessing your computer.

You can also turn off the firewall for your domain or private network. To do this, go to the Settings app and click Programs and Features. Select the Windows Defender Firewall from the list. Then, press the “OK” button.

You can also run an Internet troubleshooter to check if there is an issue with your Internet connection. It’s important to check your Internet connection before working on any other software or hardware.

If the problem is with your network, you can try restarting it. This will help the equipment recover from overload. Alternatively, you can update your network driver to improve connectivity.

Check your download and upload speed

One of the first things to do when connecting to a Discord PC is to check your download and upload speed. If your connection is slow, you might want to try an alternative connection. There are a few things you can do to improve your internet speed, including using the right cables and upgrading your router.

If your connection is on the old-school wired variety, make sure your cables are in tip-top shape. A bad connection can result in packet loss, which can lead to poor call quality and inconvenient disconnections. The more reliable speed tests come in the form of native mobile apps. If you are still using a Windows desktop, you can use the resource monitor to get a picture of your download speed.

You may also want to consider a fiber-optic Internet connection. These are the fastest types of internet services available today. A fiber-optic cable can support speeds of up to two gigabits per second or Gbps. A high-speed connection is a ticket if you are serious about gaming, streaming video, or just surfing the web.

Disable VPN

If you are having trouble connecting to Discord, it may be because your Internet connection is slow. There are several solutions you can try to get your Discord connection up and running again. But before you try anything, make sure your Internet is stable and working.

If your VPN is causing the RTC connecting error, try disabling it for a while. This will isolate the problem and help you figure out which VPN is causing your RTC error. You can then choose to switch to a different VPN provider.

You should also consider changing your DNS servers. If you are using ISP-provided DNS, you might be able to fix your Discord connection problems by switching to a better DNS provider. A better DNS provider can improve data transmission speed.

If you’re unsure which DNS server to use, consult your service provider or search online. Some providers offer a free or paid solution for you.

Check your network settings

If you are experiencing problems connecting to Discord servers, you need to check your network settings to fix the problem. These settings may include your network driver, firewall, and your internet connection.

One of the most common causes of the “RTC Connecting” error is a faulty network driver. Updating your network drivers can resolve this problem. The easiest way to update your network driver is to use the Bit Driver Updater tool. The tool will automatically download and install the correct version of all missing drivers.

Changing the DNS servers can also help. Using a better DNS server is beneficial for fast data loading and improved internet speeds. You can use free Google DNS or Cloudflare DNS servers.

If you are unable to connect to Discord or other VoIP services, you should try to restart your computer and modem. If this does not work, you should check your connection speed and contact your ISP.