How to Fix Common Element TV Problems


There are several reasons why the Element TV can stop working. These include problems with the Remote, power circuit failure, Backlight, and Internet connection. It’s important to fix these problems as soon as possible to prevent further damage. Using a repair service is always the best solution when there’s a problem with your television. Luckily, the technicians at a repair shop are highly skilled and can often resolve your issue quickly.

The blue light is on but not turning on

If your TV has a blue light but no picture, there is a chance that it is working but the power is being thrown to the wrong part of the television. This could be a hardware issue or a software problem, but it’s not easy to tell.

First, you need to check your input source. This can be your cable box, video game system, or another device. You should be able to see the ELEMENT logo on the screen. If not, you should try using a different HDMI port to get the best picture possible.

Next, you may have to perform a factory reset. This can be done with a paperclip or pin. This will give your TV a fresh start.

The backlight is not working

When your Element TV screen suddenly becomes black or dim, you probably have a problem with the backlight. This can be caused by a variety of problems. It could be due to the power supply board, the connected multimedia device, or the screen. However, these issues are not hard to fix.

To find out what is causing your problem, first, check your television’s warranty. If it is still under warranty, you may be able to have your TV repaired. If not, you will need to replace a faulty hardware component.

If the TV is in working order, you can use a flashlight to check the backlight for broken connections. This will help you determine if the cable is out of place or if the inverter board is defective.

The Internet connection is not working

If you are using an Element TV, you may have an issue with your internet connection. Your Element TV can be connected to your home network through an Ethernet cable. You must make sure the ethernet cable is connected securely to your router.

If your Internet connection is not working on your TV, there are a number of things you can do to fix the problem. For example, you can try rebooting your device to clear its cache files. You can also update your router’s firmware to fix connectivity issues.

If you still can’t get your Internet connection to work, you might want to contact your Internet provider to see if it can help. You can also try connecting your TV to a different WiFi network.

Power circuit failure

If your Element TV does not come on after you press the power button, there may be a power circuit failure. The first step in fixing this problem is to unplug your TV from the power source.

You should also check the back of your TV to ensure that the cables are not damaged. A loose cable can cause a short circuit. This is a common problem with older televisions.

Another thing you can do is plug the TV into an independent power supply. If the problem is a faulty power cord, you can ask your Element dealer to provide a replacement.

If the problem is a tripped circuit breaker, you can try resetting it. If that fails, the next option is to replace the wall socket.

Remote fault

If you have an Element TV, you might have trouble finding your way through the remote control menu. When you press the power button on the remote, you might get an error message or a blue screen. If this happens, you need to do some troubleshooting to find the problem.

The first step is to make sure that you’re connecting to the internet. This may require you to restart your router or cable connection.

If the problem isn’t a network issue, you can try resetting your TV. Some models have a pinhole that allows you to reset the device. It’s located near the HDMI port, just above the remote.

If the pinhole is not working, you might need to replace the remote or the batteries. If you haven’t already, you should check the power cords and plug connections for looseness.