Moulangi Eco Park – A Nature Lover’s Paradise


Moulangi Eco Park is an exquisite place that soothes the souls of nature lovers and thrill-seeking adventure seekers. Surrounded by dense evergreen forests and bamboo trees, its beauty will enthrall visitors.

Campground and picnic spots at Kali River Valley provide spectacular scenic views, from meandering riverbeds to rock formations reminiscent of their mesmerizing presence.

It is a paradise for nature lovers.

Nature enthusiasts will surely appreciate this park, which boasts a gorgeous lake, waterfall, and scenic river view. Additionally, trekking and camping opportunities exist within its boundaries – providing families a great place to unwind.

Moulangi Eco Park in Dandeli, Karnataka, is an idyllic family picnic location surrounded by dense evergreen forests with gushing streams and bamboo trees. Perfect for trekking, rock climbing adventures, and hosting many plants and animals, including red-tailed squirrels!

Near Kanapur, this park provides the ideal destination for camping and sightseeing. Boasting stunning landscapes, diverse flora and fauna species, and various activities – this peaceful sanctuary will help rejuvenate your spirit while relieving all stress throughout your day.

This park is known for its natural beauty and offers tourists many facilities such as a canteen and library. Furthermore, its eco-park houses many bird species, making it an excellent spot for birdwatching and photography. With lush greenery providing welcome relief from city heat while beautiful waterfalls offer cooling off in its cooling waters – it makes this destination genuinely welcoming!

Moulangi Eco Park provides the ideal venue for those who want to experience nature first-hand by offering river rafting sessions along the River Kali. Stretching over 13 kilometers between Ganesh Gudi and Moulangi village, its class III rapids offer thrill-seekers adrenaline rush. However, for your safety, it is highly advised that a guide be present during this thrilling journey to prevent injuries or falling off of your raft.

It is a perfect picnic spot.

Moulangi Eco Park in Dandeli, Karnataka, is an oasis for nature enthusiasts and an essential tourist attraction. Boasting thick evergreen forests, meandering rivers, and rock formations, as well as rare flora and fauna species, this park is a haven of biodiversity and offers various activities like jungle trekking and cliff climbing for visitors looking for nature in their travels.

Moulangi Eco Park offers the ideal picnic destination for families and friends looking to experience nature up close and personal. Its dense forests and large bamboo trees create an aesthetically pleasing environment, while nearby, the river Kali flows between immense rock formations, providing tourists with a truly memorable experience!

This eco-park, situated at the core of Western Ghats, provides visitors with an ideal place to spot various wild species – particularly birds and mammals. Its diverse flora and fauna attract visitors from across India – its Malabar pied hornbill and Nilgiri wood pigeon are two notable highlights that inhabit only this region.

Tourists visiting this picturesque spot can also go camping, making it a fantastic way to spend quality time with loved ones and explore nature and adventure in its purest form. Camping also allows them to escape city life for some much-needed rest, providing an excellent opportunity for bonding experiences.

The park was created and developed with environmental conservation in mind, taking steps such as recycling waste responsibly and minimizing impactful adventures that negatively affect its surroundings.

An eco-park has various leisure and adventure opportunities, such as hiking, bird-watching, and photography. Furthermore, this park aims to educate its community on environmental issues, promote tourism, and create jobs within local areas.

Notable attractions near the park include Belur and Halebidu, two historic temple towns renowned for their Hoysala architecture that have been included on the UNESCO World Heritage list. Furthermore, guests can discover Sakleshpur Hill Station, which boasts coffee plantations and mist-covered mountains – among many others!

It is an excellent place for camping.

Moulangi Eco Park is an idyllic tourist spot and camping ground amidst dense evergreen forests near Dandeli’s Kali River. With big bamboo trees providing shade, picnicking or camping is even more manageable here. Take in nature by strolling along paths or engaging in adventurous activities such as trekking and rock climbing – or bird watchers will especially love it as this park boasts numerous species of both flora and fauna!

Moulangi Eco Park provides visitors with several amenities for a pleasant visit, including a canteen, restroom facilities, and a small library. Moulangi offers visitors a tranquil haven from modern life’s hustle and bustle – ideal for families wanting to spend quality time outside reconnecting with nature while themselves.

Moulangi Eco Park features an enchanting landscape featuring cliffs and rock formations dotted by river Kali, forming a series of waterfalls. Popular among hikers and trekkers, while home to various flora and fauna species, Moulangi Eco Park makes a beautiful destination for an afternoon picnic or exploring nature!

A park designed and developed with environmental conservation in mind provides many initiatives, such as protecting local flora and fauna, disposing of waste responsibly, not intruding on sensitive areas, and employing and income-generating local communities while mitigating tourism’s effects on the planet.

The park can be easily reached using both private and public transport options. It can be found at 7H4V+Q73 in Moulangi Dandeli Karnataka, India 581325

It is a place for adventure lovers.

Moulangi eco-park in Dandeli, Karnataka, offers adventure enthusiasts an incredible camping experience while discovering nature’s stunning beauty. Nestled amidst dense forests with plenty of camping spots and rock climbing opportunities – an ideal location for family reunions. Surrounded by massive rock formations, large bamboo trees, and river Kali winding through rocks and slopes – Moulangi Eco Park allows visitors to observe various species of plants and animals and spend quality time together as friends or on excursions with peers!

At this park, there is an assortment of outdoor activities that can be enjoyed, including boating, kayaking, and skating. A well-planned picnic area is designed to allow people to unwind and appreciate nature. It is an excellent location for families with young children as it caters to all ages.

The protected area on the riverbank serves as an ecologically responsible tourism model, where visitors can engage in environmental conservation practices such as waste management and conversation education and community engagement activities such as outdoor sculptures or ziplining. Visitors to this working model of sustainable tourism are also offered opportunities to engage in ecologically responsible tourism practices like waste management. In addition to visiting this community-based conservation project’s working model and participating in community engagement practices, they can also view outdoor sculptures or ziplining activities!

This park boasts numerous camping spots and is perfect for hikers and outdoor enthusiasts. Camp with your family and friends and experience Dandeli’s riverside life – clean water makes for enjoyable swimming or bathing; hiking is another popular activity within this park.

This small but captivating park was established to preserve the forest. It is filled with statues depicting fictional characters and Hollywood actors, making this an entertaining destination for children of all ages. It is an excellent place for visiting with family – guaranteed unforgettable memories await.

This park welcomes tourists daily from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 pm and boasts other nearby attractions like Manjarabad Fort and Bisle Ghat Viewpoint.