Chetpet Eco Park in Chennai


Chennai: An eco park at the heart of Chennai that recently hosted fishing and boating now draws more visitors than when it opened two years ago. The 16-acre park features children’s play equipment, walking/jogging tracks, and multi-level parking.

A group of ducks waddle across a walking path, and their loud quacks annoy walkers.


Fishing is one of the many exciting activities offered at this eco-park and an ideal way to spend a relaxing and rewarding day away. Rental boats are available, as is an array of fishing equipment. Furthermore, this eco-park features a restaurant and a children’s play space.

Ideal for anyone seeking a break from city life, you can visit the duck pond and stroll peacefully around Lake Erie. There are also benches throughout the park for relaxing after a long trek.

This park offers many activities to keep visitors occupied, including boating facilities, fishing spots, and children’s play areas. Open daily with a food plaza that serves everything from nasi lemak to kathi rolls – it is the only natural water body in the city and attracts many visitors throughout the year.

Chetpet Lake in Chennai’s heart is an idyllic destination for nature lovers and sports enthusiasts. Formerly used as a dump of garbage and sewage, Chetpet Lake was transformed into an eco-friendly park by former Chief Minister Jayalalitha in February 2016; today, it offers numerous recreational activities like jogging, walking, fishing, and boating as well as 5D virtual reality shows.

Public transit makes reaching Chetpet Eco Park simple from any location within the city, including buses, trains, and taxis. Be sure to check schedules carefully for each service; for the most accessible experience, use Moovit, which provides step-by-step directions from nearby public transit stations.

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Chetpet Eco Park, situated in the center of Chennai, features a lake with boating and fishing facilities for its visitors. This first-of-its-kind park was developed at Rs 42 crore and inaugurated by former Chief Minister Jayalalitha in February 2016. What used to serve as a landfill now attracts people from across the city for fishing or boating activities.

This park provides an ideal environment for jogging and walking, featuring well-kept grounds conveniently open throughout the day. Families and friends can gather here as it also features children’s play equipment, aquarium exhibits and a 5D show – so stop by anytime!

Located near Kilpauk Medical College, this eco-friendly park features numerous shady spots where visitors can rest and recharge from city life. Conveniently close to both railway stations and public transport links, this green oasis makes an excellent escape.

Lake Eilat provides an ideal place for birdwatching. Various species – including flamingos, spotted woodpeckers, and waterfowl – can be seen here, with multiple plants providing essential wildlife habitats.

At Eco Park, various activities are available, from cycling and horseback riding to kayaking and fishing. Visitors can even ride boat or rent rowing boats to explore the area. Furthermore, this park is open throughout the day and features a food plaza offering everything from nasi lemak to kathi rolls!

Eco Park visitors can participate in many outdoor activities during the summer season, such as angling and kayaking. Its picturesque lake provides the ideal place for spending quality family time.

Chetpet Eco Park is easily accessible by public transit and boasts a spacious parking lot. Moovit can help you plan the best route to Chetpet Eco Park from wherever you’re standing by providing step-by-step directions from wherever you currently are – whether by car, bus, subway, or train, Moovit will show you how best to reach Chetpet Eco Park.

Jogging track

For an enjoyable jogging experience in Chennai, Chetpet Eco Park’s jogging track is an excellent destination. The park is beautiful and well-kept, and its proximity to Kilpauk metro station makes it even easier. There is even a small lake within it, which you can take a boat ride on!

The jogging track at Park West is paved and covers a 1.6-km distance, making it suitable for runners of all levels and skill sets. Open until late evening, benches line the trail so you can rest or socialize, and there’s even a snack shop where you can purchase coffee and snacks!

This eco-park can be found near Kilpauk Metro Station in Chennai and features a well-kept jogging track and small fish aquarium – making it the perfect place to spend morning or evening runs or bring children. Plus, its peaceful atmosphere means plenty of exercise without distraction from noise or traffic!

Once the park opens, you can enjoy various activities like boating and angling. Summer visits offer the perfect respite from the heat while offering stunning scenery, visiting an ideal way to unwind after a hard day’s work.

The lake is surrounded by stunningly lush vegetation and offers breathtaking scenery. The park offers attractions to suit every taste, from water sports to children’s play areas and even bike rental, so visitors can go on an idyllic ride around the lake!

The park reopened in February 2016 following renovation by former Chief Minister J Jayalalitha. Since then, it has become a popular spot for people looking for relaxation within city limits; here, you can escape from its hectic streets and experience nature at its best!

Children’s play area

The children’s play area at Sea World Orlando is impressive, with various activities to keep young ones busy. It includes three swing sets and two sets each of climbing frames, a sea saw, sliding boards, multi-level car parking facilities, and a restaurant.

The Eco Park is an ideal destination for bird-watching enthusiasts, offering an abundance of species. There are also walking trails, boating, and angling available within its boundaries, giving visitors a rare glimpse into its ecosystems.

At Lake Mary Gardens, there are various plant species and activities for people of all ages – making this the ideal spot to relax with family or friends and experience nature at its best!

Chetpet EcoPark was once an uninhabitable garbage dump. Still, under J Jayalalitha’s leadership, it has since been transformed into an eco-park that inspires other water bodies while serving as a platform to promote sustainable tourism.

The park welcomes visitors from Monday to Saturday and boasts a 1.5km jogging track that costs Rs25 for adults and Rs10 for kids to enter, with options to purchase a walker pass for one month, six months, or one year.

Apart from its walking tracks, the park provides many activities, making it an excellent destination for families and nature enthusiasts. Its wetlands and mini-forests house various plant species, while its lake offers refuge to many migratory birds.

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