Horry County Schools Smartfind


Horry County Schools Smartfind is an online substitute management system designed to make employee and substitute administration easier and provides 24-7 access. The user-friendly website makes the system accessible and provides access to various resources.

School district also features several innovative programs, such as the Playcard Environmental Education Center, which offers hands-on environmental science classes for its students.

How to Login

As a substitute teacher, you need to know how to log into Horry County Schools Smartfind. This service enables you to easily access assignments, schedules, and more from anywhere at home or office. In order to use it effectively and free of charge.

Horry County Schools is a public school district located in South Carolina, serving over 45,000 students at 56 schools with various educational programs and offerings. To gain more insight, visit its website.

Logging onto SmartFind Express requires your district code and access ID; orientation videos will also help familiarize you with its workings.

Substitute Login

Horry County Schools substitute teachers can utilize the SmartFind Express substitute management system to access their assignments at any time – day or night, online and by phone, 24 hours per day, seven days per week. To start using it, all they need is their Access ID and Password, which they can obtain by calling the help desk at 774 467 1011.

Please be aware that before using the SmartFind Express System for the first time, registration via telephone must take place first. Alternatively, watch this orientation video below to learn how to log into the system. Unified Solutions Unify workflows, gain deeper insights, and increase student outcomes with end-to-end suitable solutions that work better together than standalone solutions can.

Substitute Help Desk

Horry County Schools utilize SmartFind Express as their substitute management system, enabling substitute teachers and staff to sign up online or by phone at any time of day – it is available 24/7! Furthermore, substitutes may attend workshops designed to teach them more about this technology and its capabilities.

Subcontractors registered as subs can begin receiving assignments on their calendars and receive notifications via email and phone to identify jobs that best suit their availability and accept jobs that fit them. They can also view their history and adjust all times. Furthermore, subcontractors can select their desired schools and make themselves unavailable during specific days/times.

Once a sub receives their assignment, they are issued a job number by the school to use in reconciling time-reporting and payroll records. Subcontractors must keep a log of these job numbers so they can track earnings; if payment does not appear for an assignment, you must contact the sub help desk immediately.

Calling the help desk requires providing your Employee ID Number and PIN, after which they will inform you of your primary location and classification. Should there be any queries or concerns, this service is available Monday-Friday between 7:30 am and 3:30 pm via phone.