Ptula Leggings Review


Ptula Leggings are designed for comfort, and you will love their stylish and supportive designs. They are available in some styles, including the Flex High-Rise and Desa’ree II, and feature a breathable interlock fabric known as BreatheInterlock(tm). Read on to learn more about these fabulous leggings.

Ptula Leggings

I recently received a pair of Ptula leggings to try out, and I was immediately intrigued by them. These shorts have a nice high rise and come a few inches past my natural waist. They were not quite as comfortable as the Gymshark or Born Primitive leggings, but they improved after a few wears.

These leggings are a bit thin and have no structural support, but they are comfortable and flattering. They also feature a colorful, low-rise waistband. They’re machine washable, and the material is soft and breathable. They can also be tumble dried on medium heat. You can even iron them on the inside if you want to keep them looking their best.

Flex High-Rise

Paula’s Flex High-Rise leggings are lightweight and comfortable. The v-shaped waistband highlights your shape, and they are double-layered for support. This type of waistband fits small to large waists, but you can size down one size if unsure. To get the best fit, size down one size but not more than two inches.

Another advantage of the Ptula Flex High-Rise leggings is their compression. However, they are not as skin-hugging as other tight leggings. Because of this, these leggings are best for people who don’t like tight, skin-hugging activewear. Although these are slightly less compressed than skin-hugging leggings, they still offer a good fit.

Desiree II

These tan and black Desa’ree II Paula leggings differ slightly from their counterparts. First, I noticed that the shorts were higher in the crotch than at the waistband, and they dug in when I bunched them up. However, I found them to be more comfortable after a few wears.


You might wonder how much P’tula leggings cost when shopping for new leggings. If you’re looking for a good pair for your yoga sessions, the price is right, with five pairs costing the same as three pairs from Lululemon. But before you purchase your P’tula leggings, you should know the return policy.

These leggings are made from high-quality, stretchy polyester and spandex blends. They’re comfortable and suitable for any season. The flat waistband, opaque texture, and buttery soft material make these leggings an excellent option for everyday use. Plus, they’re machine washable and dryable!