A Japan Blue Jeans Review


A Japan Blue Jeans Review results from a year-long collaboration between a designer and an innovative denim company. The designer, Robin McLaughlin, visited Japan in 2019 to meet the company’s key personnel and watch the denim artisans in action. Eventually, he partnered with the company and developed the first pair of Momotaro jeans. After discussing design details with the team at Japan Blue Jeans, he was sent the first batch of sample pairs of Momotaro jeans. Unfortunately, the jeans didn’t meet Robin’s expectations, and he was disappointed.

Raw denim

One of the best places to find raw denim is in Japan. Japan Blue Jeans are a relatively affordable raw denim brand that utilizes traditional Japanese weaving techniques. The unique indigo dye used in the production process gives the denim a unique character with age. As a result, these jeans have gained a cult following worldwide.

The Japanese have a long history of dyeing fabrics. Their indigo dyes go through a long process to ensure they’re of the highest quality. They also focus on tradition and perfecting their craft. Raw denim differs from selvage denim in that it’s not treated, so it can leave marks on white surfaces.


Regarding shopping online for fashion and clothing, Japan Blue Jeans is a leading brand. Their jeans are known for their quality and are made in Japan. They are also available at numerous retail stores and online. If you are considering purchasing a pair of these jeans, read our full TCB Japan Blue Jeans Review to ensure you’re getting the best value for your money.

The TCB Japan Blue Jeans line is influenced by workwear from the early and mid-twentieth centuries. Founded by a former denim apprentice, the brand is known for its raw and aged denim and quality accessories. It has a sewing factory and offers a wide selection of jeans at affordable prices. In addition, the company has a thriving online shop and provides worldwide shipping.

Full Count

The Full Count brand is synonymous with authentic vintage style. This Japanese brand uses thick original cotton threads in their sewing processes. This gives their jeans a very authentic vintage feel. The full-length seams are not smooth, and the texture is not uniform, as in other jeans. Complete Count also uses original, thick threads in the sewing of fragile areas, such as the back pocket.

Complete Count was founded in 1993 and was originally part of the Osaka Five. The brand was born out of the desire of the founder to find a reputable manufacturer who would understand his vision and meet his high standards. The company was then in its infancy, and its founder made several weekly trips to Japan to find the perfect partner.


Momotaro Blue Jeans are for you if you are looking for a pair of denim that combines quality and style. This Japanese denim brand was established in 2006 in Kojima, Okayama. Named after the peach boy of Japanese folklore, Momotaro is synonymous with acceptable quality denim. Each pair of Momotaro jeans is handmade in Japan using the finest raw denim.

Momotaro is a Japanese denim company that uses old-world techniques with modern details to produce a pair of jeans that will last for years. Although the company has been operating for over a century in Japan, the quality of its products is now being sold outside of Japan.

Pure Blue Japan

Pure Blue Japan jeans are manufactured using denim woven under low tension. This creates a distinctive, slubby, and hairy texture in the finished product. Moreover, the jeans feature a high rise and a wide thigh that tapers to a sharp taper from the knee down. This is a sleek silhouette and a popular choice for men.

These jeans come in a variety of colors and features. The BRK-013-ID jeans are a good example. They are made of 13.5 oz. They come in a slim-taper style with signature Pure Blue Japan embroidery.


Regarding denim, the Realign RLGN-R Japan Blue Jeans are made with 16-ounce denim fabric from Collect Mills. This fabric is woven on a vintage shuttle loom under low tension and features an irregular, comfortable, and durable texture. In addition, it offers high contrast fades and attractive overall wear.

The jeans feature a regular fit, providing room in the thigh area and a slight taper through the leg. They are crafted to fit a variety of body shapes and provide a clean, contemporary silhouette. They’re also comfortable and are perfect for everyday use.