The Hudson Valley Food Hall in Beacon, New York


Hudson Valley Food Hall is a new marketplace that opened in a former movie theater in Beacon. The food hall features small businesses, including ice cream shops, restaurants, and bars.

The Roosevelt Bar serves cocktails with a local twist and Hudson Valley craft beers. Momo Valley serves Himalayan dumplings and Nepalese cuisine; Mizz Hatties specializes in southern-style barbecue; Bombay Wraps provides Indian street food, and Green House Salads sources locally grown ingredients.

The Roosevelt Bar

The Roosevelt Bar at Hudson Valley Food Hall is a great place to grab a drink with friends! They have a variety of wines and tap beers that pair well with the different vendors in the food hall. They also have a great selection of cocktails. It’s a very cosmopolitan bar that welcomes everyone! They host a gay night on Tuesdays and drag shows on Fridays.

The 3,600-square-foot space was once home to the Roosevelt movie theater. Jelena Kos of Beacon conceived its eye-catching design, which features 35-foot ceilings. The concept is a twist on a traditional food court with more upscale dining options.

The bar’s cocktails are made with local spirits and ingredients. The bartenders are exceptionally skilled at making classic cocktails like a Dirty Martini. The one Dino tried was crafted with Grey Goose vodka and garnished with plump olives. The bar’s menu also includes fresh salads and artisanal breads. Green House Salads uses locally sourced produce to create new flavors and introduce a seasonal menu. Also, Elixxr offers wellness drinks such as matcha, golden milk, Pachamama, and cardamom rose lattes.

El Nica Latin Food

In this small food hall, you can find various cuisines. From homemade BBQ to Nicaraguan cuisine, this place has it all. They also have delicious cocktails and desserts. If you want to try something new, you should visit this place.

It’s a hidden gem in Beacon, NY. It’s a great place to grab a quick bite to eat or hang out with friends. Their service is fast and friendly, and the food is delicious! The best part is that they have great prices!

Mercado Little Spain is a Spanish food hall with plenty of choices. A lot of seating is available, and they are open every day except Monday. They also have a bar. One of the highlights of this place is their cochinillo, a three-week-old piglet roasted over an open flame. The meat is dark and sweet with melted fat. The grilled patatas bravas are also worth trying. They also have some salads and a few smoothies if you want something healthy. You can also get boba drinks and matcha lattes.

Ciao & Chow

The Hudson Valley Food Hall in Beacon, New York, offers five small businesses under one roof. They include Shmuck’s Ice Cream, MIzz Hattie’s BBQ, El Nica Latin Food, Ciao & Chow (Handmade Pasta & Fried Rice), and The Roosevelt Bar. It’s a great place to visit with family or friends and enjoy delicious food.

The concept resembles a traditional food court, but the vendors aim for higher-end dishes. In addition, some restaurants are multi-concept, meaning they have several ideas in a single space. This allows them to offer a variety of dining options to their customers.

At Momo Valley, Bangladesh native Trina Mazumder serves up a mix of dishes connected to her homeland and others. She also plates up fusion dishes like her take on a falafel gyro or the Tara memorable (Indian flatbread topped with egg, hummus, salad, pickled vegetables, and tahini).

Shmuck’s Ice Cream

In high school, three best friends jokingly called “shmucks” made their first batch of homemade ice cream in their science class, and it turned out to be the perfect sweet. Their passion for wellness is evident in their ingredients, which are sustainably sourced and packed with health benefits. Try their matcha, golden milk, chai tea, Pachamama, cardamom rose lattes, and Cosmic Cacao or Heart Elixxr smoothies.

In addition to ice cream, Shmuck’s offers fresh cones and waffles. Their signature sundae features two scoops of ice cream, chocolate syrup, whipped cream, sprinkles, and a cherry. This is the perfect place to enjoy a treat with your family or friends.

Another popular place for dessert in Hudson Valley is Joe’s Dairy Bar and Grill in Wappingers Falls. The husband-and-wife team behind this ice cream shop uses dairy from local farms to craft delicious frozen treats. Their wine ice cream and tipsy shakes are a must-try. They also serve homemade waffle cones and bowls.

MIzz Hattie’s BBQ

Miz Hattie’s Southern BBQ is a new Hudson Valley Food Hall addition. Known in Dutchess County for catering and festivals, the North Carolina native now offers dine-in and takeout at her location on Main Street. She serves comforting Southern dishes, such as mac and cheese with pulled pork, fried chicken, and coleslaw. She also serves sweet tea and baked goods.

Another new addition is Momo Valley Dumplings, which will serve Himalayan dumplings made with spices originating in Nepal and Tibet. Bombay Wraps will also offer Indian fast food, a famous cuisine in the US. Green House Salads will provide fresh, local produce in a rotating menu of traditional salad options and international-inspired salads.

The food hall will also feature several different small businesses. They are located under the same roof and include Shmuck’s Ice Cream, El Nica Latin Food, Ciao & Chow (Handmade Pasta & Fried Rice), and The Roosevelt Bar. The food hall will be family-friendly and dog-friendly, with an outdoor patio. There will be a variety of seating, including community tables.