Best Car Phone Holder For Phones With Cases


A typical car phone holder attaches to either the dashboard, windshield, or vent with spring-loaded clips that automatically and unobtrusively grab and secure your phone without manual adjustments or restrictions in placement. Some models attach directly to cup holders, but these may limit airflow or radio controls and require manual adjustments as well as manual grabbing of your device by its spring mechanism.

Other types use essential adhesive pads or suction cups that can be easily adjusted, though they often lose grip quickly and require frequent adjustments to remain secure.

Easy to install

Car phone mounts attach to any flat surface, such as your dashboard or windshield, and hold your smartphone securely in place, enabling easy access and use while driving. They usually use either suction cups or adhesives, though suction cups often lose grip over time and need adjustment; bonds leave sticky, unattractive residue on your dash surface; before investing in one for yourself, read reviews online first to get an idea of their durability over time.

Air vent mounts may also be available, though these may not fit all vehicles comfortably or conveniently; they could potentially obstruct airflow and interfere with radio controls. Most car mounts feature a base that holds your phone with a ball-joint head that adjusts for rotation, angle, and positioning – cheaper models may rely on spring-loaded grips to safely grab onto it, though these could deteriorate over time; others feature tiny electric motors which automatically grasp it – however these require constant charging so please plan accordingly when making use of these car mounts!

MagSafe car phone holders offer the perfect solution, featuring Apple’s Magnetic Charging Dock’s metal connector and compatibility with most OtterBox cases. Available in various shapes and colors to match your interior vehicle decor perfectly, these mounts also include built-in USB-C charging pads if you need to charge on the go.

This car phone holder is ideal for most vehicles and works with smartphones of all types – even those with thick cases. The 360-degree rotatable linking design allows for custom positioning at any angle, and its notch between bottom support “feet” will enable you to slip your charging cable through. Furthermore, its quick-release button and adjustable clamp arms make insertion and removal effortless with one-hand operation.

Easy to remove

The best car phone holders for phones with cases are straightforward and user-friendly, offering simple removal or setup. Most also include adjustable arms to accommodate various phone sizes and shapes; others provide 360-degree rotation for switching between vertical and horizontal positions, while some even feature a ledge at the base to provide added support.

Some mounts are designed to attach directly to flat surfaces like the dashboard or windshield using suction cup or adhesive mounts, and while they may be convenient, their grip often loses grip after several hours and requires constant adjustment; additionally, they may leave sticky residue on your dashboard that’s hard to get off; other models include spring-loaded mechanisms which automatically grasp your phone but over time wear down.

The iOttie Easy One Touch 5 car phone holder features locking side arms to keep your device secure, as well as its signature “One-Touch” mechanism for quick mounting or unmounting. Compatible with most major smartphone brands and cases alike, its telescopic arm can extend to 8 inches, and it includes a magnetic cord organizer to help organize cables.

Magnetic mounts adhere directly to the back of your phone or case and require you to clean off a surface before you can line up its placement exactly right and stick it on securely. However, once that initial installation process is completed, reinstallation should go much faster.

The Loncaster Car Phone Holder is one of the fastest to install, taking less than a minute and featuring no moving parts; it is ideal for those who do not wish to adjust or hold onto their phone for support. Both iOttie and BEAM Car Phone Holders follow closely behind, taking roughly 20 seconds each.


This mount offers a versatile design that allows for the adjustment of its cradle for an optimal viewing angle and features a sturdy yet flexible holder to accommodate phones with thick cases. Furthermore, there is a notch between its bottom support feet to plug in your charging cable – perfect for rental car drivers as it fits easily into carry-on luggage and then onto vents in rental cars; additional benefits include quick-release mechanisms as well as removable facades to match dashboard colors – its only drawback being it takes longer to install initially than other mounts like Scosche MagicMount Pro VNT or Maxboost magnetic.


Beam Electronics’ mount for car vents consists of a sturdy metal hook that securely fixes to the bottom of the duct, with its front face hosting a flat magnetic pad suitable for attaching MagSafe chargers, while its base features a ball joint to enable 360-degree rotation and angle adjustments. It can accommodate phones up to 3.6 inches wide with various case thicknesses while featuring a notched support foot, which allows cables to pass through.

This hook grips the vent firmly, securely holding your phone even through vibration and bouncing. Plus, its quick-release button lets you remove your phone quickly while its arms lock firmly around most cases – perfect for windshields, dashboards, or vents!