Ninja Kidz Phone Number


Ninja Kidz TV is one of the most beloved YouTube channels for children. Their siblings are talented and imaginative, creating exciting skits and challenges in their videos.

Payton Myler is an active member of the Ninja Kidz team. In this capacity, she performs stunts and displays martial arts techniques; additionally, she is an actress and gymnast.

How can I get a Ninja Kidz phone number?

Payton Myler is an American actress and martial artist best known for her work on Ninja Kidz TV on YouTube, where she works as part of a team producing action skits, adventures, challenges, and tutorials targeted toward children. Additionally, she has appeared in multiple television shows and commercials throughout her 13-year-old life in Draper, Utah.

Ninja Kidz TV siblings have become famous for their impressive martial arts skills, which they have developed through years of rigorous training and practice. Furthermore, their talents also extend into dance, gymnastics, and parkour – creating high-energy videos that both entertain and motivate their viewers. Moreover, the siblings have used this platform to promote healthy lifestyles for kids.

Ninja Kidz TV has quickly become one of the most acclaimed channels on YouTube, amassing over 18 million subscribers and billions of views. The channel showcases young ninjas performing stunts and challenges with ease and has garnered rave reviews from both critics and audiences alike.

Due to its immense success, YouTube creators have expanded their efforts into other mediums – TV and film production among them – including making appearances on numerous television shows and performing at events like VidCon.

Ninja Kidz TV features siblings with strong family and community values who encourage viewers to be active and creative while developing positive self-images and reaching their dreams.

How can I find a Ninja Kidz phone number?

Ninja Kidz fans likely know of their exciting action park located in Hammond, Indiana: Ninja Kidz Action Park offers unique trampolining attractions like cutting-edge attractions that feature the Ninja Kids themselves as well as special appearances by them themselves!

Ninja Kidz TV stars are widely recognized for their impressive martial arts skills, which they have developed over years of training and practice. The siblings also possess expertise in gymnastics, parkour, and other forms of physical activity that they incorporate into their videos for high-energy and visually stunning performances. Furthermore, these siblings use Ninja Kidz TV to advocate for healthier, active lifestyles among children through frequent encouragement for them to go outside and play – even offering merchandise bearing this message!

If you would like to reach the Ninja Kids directly, send them a letter via mail at Payton Delu Myler of Ninja Kidz TV P.O. Box 123 Draper Utah 84020 with a self-addressed stamped envelope attached and expect to hear back within three months of sending your letter.