Best Trip Advisor Apps


The TripIt app is a bright and bold app that allows you to easily book your trip. You can choose your flight and hotel, set alerts, and check-in. The design of the app is largely influenced by imagery. For example, the icons in TripIt are made of bright and bold colors that are easy to see. The app also allows you to track your trip.


If you’ve ever been on the road and wanted to know what to do, iExit is the app for you. It shows you what services are close by and how to find them. It also provides a map and directions. This application is free and available in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

If you’re traveling across the country, iExit is a must-have. It’s a free app that shows you what’s near the next exit and what it offers. It includes gas stations, restaurants, grocery stores, hotels, and even hospitals. The app also gives you real-time pricing for gasoline. OPIS updates this information daily.


Kayak is a travel search engine that provides travel options. Users can input parameters about their trip, such as a budget and destination. Kayak can show them all possible options and provide recommendations based on these parameters. In addition, Kayak allows users to see reviews from other travelers. The company does not respond to requests for comment.

Kayak has a large database of over 60 million reviews, which it integrates into its search results. As part of an agreement with TripAdvisor, users can filter trip results based on TripAdvisor ratings. The company launched a filter for hotel recommendations in October. The service also pulls reviews from Budget Travel and Frommer’s.


The Expedia Trip Advisor App is an excellent way to help travelers find the best places to stay in their city. The travel agency should provide a list of destinations, and it should also be able to process payments and bookings. The user interface of the app should include a panel with information on flights, hotels, cabs, and packages. It should also include options for editing prices and generating analytics.

The app’s planning features include a feature that lets users save recommended places to visit. These places are then easily visible on a map, and they can be shared with travel companions.


The TripAdvisor app is easy to navigate with a clear menu bar and a clean design. Large images are used to explain destinations and the app has a grid-like structure to help users find the information they need. It also uses illustrations to make its content more engaging. Overall, the TripAdvisor app is an excellent way to browse the site and plan a trip.

The app features a variety of social and interactive features to help users find and review local restaurants, hotels, and more. It even allows users to add new listings. And since it syncs with the live site, users can update their information as needed.


If you are a frequent traveler, TripCase is an excellent app to help you organize your travel plans. It has an itinerary planner that keeps track of flights, hotels, rental car reservations, and more. It will also keep you updated with any last-minute changes. Moreover, the app will let you share your itinerary with other travelers.

This app can track multiple travelers and has an easy-to-use interface. It also allows you to view and edit your itinerary, add travel emails, and track flight status. It’s great for managing the travels of a team, as you can pull expense reports by team members.


TripIt is a free app that helps you plan your next trip. It organizes your ideas into categories, pulls ratings from multiple sources, and maps out your day’s itinerary. You can also add notes and links, and store them offline for future access while on vacation. If you’re traveling abroad, the app calculates the distance between places and exports them to Google Maps, making it easy to find them offline.

Another great feature of TripIt is its integration with Google Calendar. It allows you to plan a trip with all the services you’ll need in one place while maintaining the highest standards. It even offers collections of activities for people with different interests, such as ballet and opera. The app also provides safety information for areas you’ll be visiting.