Oyster Travel Reviews


Oyster Travel Reviews is an excellent resource for travel reviews. The reviews are detailed and informative. They include a snapshot summary as well as detailed descriptions of hotels. You can also use the site’s map to find hotels in the area. You can also read comments left by users of a particular hotel.

Oyster’s index

If you’re looking for an online travel review service, Oyster may be just the place for you. The reviews on Oyster are detailed and comprehensive. Each listing includes a snapshot summary and an in-depth description of the hotel. For instance, you can view the thread count of sheets or see a map of nearby hotels. Each listing also includes user comments.

Oyster will launch a beta version tomorrow, but it currently only lists reviews on hotels in the Caribbean, the Dominican Republic, Jamaica, and Miami. It plans to expand to New York City and Las Vegas later. While it has plenty of potentials, it lacks coverage in many cities, such as the Caribbean. For example, it only lists 40 Jamaican hotels, compared to over 300 on TripAdvisor.

Data limitations

Oyster travel reviews may be inaccurate or incomplete. We make every effort to correct any error, but we cannot guarantee the accuracy of our content. To prevent this, we ask you to use common sense when submitting reviews. In addition, Oyster does not endorse or recommend any specific hotel or tour provider.

Using Oyster requires you to create an account. You will be prompted to do so, and then need to log in. Do not use another person’s account without their permission, and be sure to keep your account password secure. We will not be able to check your account if another person has given it to you.

Photo-powered hotel search engine

Unlike other hotel search engines, Oyster Travel Reviews uses photos to power its hotel search engine. The service allows you to compare hotels and save your favorites. It even displays pricing data. The service covers 20 cities and contains nearly half a million unique photos. For now, it is a great graphical tool for guests.

Oyster’s reviews are thorough and include a snapshot summary of each hotel, a detailed description of the hotel, and a map showing nearby hotels. Users can even leave comments about their experience staying at the hotel. This service is still young, so Oyster will have to scale its services and expand its coverage area before it can compete with established travel review websites.

In the last few months, the company has been working on figuring out how to monetize its content. It reported modest revenue in the first quarter of 2013 and carried out several rounds of layoffs. It now employs 35 people in London and New York, as well as 125 to 150 freelancers who travel to hotel locations around the world. According to Oyster’s website, the service has about 1.1 million site visitors each month, and more than 1.6 million monthly users.

Lack of depth

Oyster is an excellent travel search engine, but its search features are limited by a lack of depth. The service’s filtering capabilities, query relevance, and credible review system are impressive, but the company needs to do more to expand its data. Despite this, Oyster’s relevance is high and its service is easy to navigate.