Washington Square Park in New York


Washington Square Park is one of the most beautiful parks in New York. The park is also home to many attractions. Some major ones include the Burial Ground, the Military parade ground, and the Macy’s Holiday window display. Visiting the park can be a great way to celebrate and ensure you get the most out of the holiday season.

genteel society

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A tidal wave of print in the early 1800s introduced the concept of sophisticated society to Americans on a grand scale. It was a matter of emulating the betters by buying the apparent best of what was offered by the upper classes. This was not to be taken lightly, and some of the elite despaired as vulgarity swept their sphere.

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Military parade ground

Washington Square Park is an iconic park in the city of New York. A popular destination for many tourists, the park is home to several famous chess tables, and a garden is also an excellent place for kids to play. Some of the most popular features include the fountain, one of the largest in the city, and the famous Washington Square Arch.

The name Washington Square Park is derived from the Lenape tribe, a Native American group that inhabited the area. Before the park was established, it was used as a marshy area. However, iThe Common Council of New York purchased it in 1797. This made it the first public park in the city.

The park also has several notable historical aspects. One of the earliest was the inauguration of the University of the City of New York, which took place on this site in 1831. Another was the Grand Review of the Armies, held on May 23-24, 1865.

Burial ground

The burial ground in Washington Square Park has a shady history. In the late 18th and early 19th centuries, yellow fever epidemics devastated New York City. This epidemic led to tens of thousands of deaths, most of whom were buried at Washington Square Park.

After the war, Washington Square became one of the city’s most prominent burial grounds. But in 1827, the Mayor of New York ordered the area turned into a public park.

During construction in 2015, workers found two burial vaults underneath the iconic Washington Square Park. Each contained an estimated 30 bodies.

Previously, the area was used as a potter’s field. Workers found the vaults when they were laying down water pipes. Scientists later discovered that the lockers were catacomb-like crypts filled with the skeletal remains of people who died in the late 18th and early 19th centuries.

Celebration of nonconformity

Washington Square Park is a haven for street performers and hipsters. It is also home to the first public holiday tree in the nation. The park is part of Greenwich Village, a neighborhood of Lower Manhattan.

Today is the 100th anniversary of unveiling the first Washington Square Park. The park is named after President George Washington and forms the grand south terminus of Fifth Avenue. Two statues of George Washington were added to the park’s north side in 1918.

The best time to visit the park is Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. During this time, the park is a haven for musicians, artists, and fans of the avant-garde. As of 2007, the park is operated by the New York City Department of Parks and Recreation.

Macy’s holiday window display

Macy’s Holiday Window display is one of the most popular holiday displays in the New York City area. The holiday window tradition dates back to the 1800s. It was created to give shoppers the joy of the season. These displays include the famous Macy’s Christmas Tree and Santaland.

This year’s display is decorated with hundreds of thousands of LED lights. They are on view until the first week of January. Each show features a different theme.

Many of these elaborate window displays are interactive. This year’s show will be unveiled with a live performance from Elton John. In addition, a donation will be made to the Elton John AIDS Foundation.

Another popular holiday window display in New York is the one at Bloomingdale’s. This store is known for its unique style. Their display is a mix of traditional artistry with contemporary media.